Coffee Caboose

Have a coffee cup to wake you up!

Come try out the our Peppermint Coffee today!

We sell the best Peppermint Coffee you'll ever drink! We freshly brew our coffee everyday with a secret recipe to get the peppermint fresh flavor!

We sell the best Peppermint Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Cinnamon Rolls, and Sugar Doodle Cookies! All for a low price!

Come to the Coffee Caboose!

  • Open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm
  • Located on 5th and Main Street, near Notre Dame College
  • We do cater- see our contact information below
  • Our drinks are sold in seasonal cups- these are also for sale

Coffee Caboose!

We are rated 5 out of 5 coffee cups and are we are also rated as the best coffeeAt the Coffee Caboose we have something for everyone to try! Come try out some of out amazing coffees and breakfast items today!
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Even Jennifer Lawrence buys coffee from us! She tells the director of a movie she's working on to order coffee from the Coffee Caboose. We have catered coffee and breakfast to all of the movies that she has been in. "Never had I tasted such wonderful coffee. I have never been a big fan of coffee, but Coffee Caboose had made coffee a daily need. I will eat or drink any thing from them!" -Jennifer Lawrence. Trust Jennifer Lawrence, we have the best coffee by far!