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June, 2021 Issue 14

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Hundreds of New Ebooks and Audiobooks Available Now in Sora!

They're finally here! Hundreds of new diverse K12 digital books are now available in Sora just in time for summer! Summertime is awesome but it also means students will be without access to classroom and school libraries leaving many without access to books. The great news is that Sora e/audiobooks are available all the time no matter where students are! There are books for all ages and I need your help getting students connected! Please take a moment to ensure students know how to access Sora digital books before they leave this summer. I'm happy to pop into classes and show students how to access, log in, and search for books. Just book a time with me! Or show them this video here.
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For Teens: Two Free Audiobooks a Week!

Remember to share this great resource with teens! Two free audiobooks for teens starting now until August 4th! Students register with an email address here and they can use it with Sora! The directions are easy to follow!
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Buncee and Capstone are hosting Summer Camp Adventures with new reading, learning, and creating opportunities all summer long! As their site states:

"The Virtual Summer Camp Adventure is a twelve-week virtual camp with six bi-weekly themes around 'Tales and Tails', the national summer reading campaign."

There will be new choice boards every two weeks that focus on a variety of themes from fairy tales, zoo animals, graphic novels, and more! Each choice board will have links to 20 free Capstone ebooks available until August 31st! That's access to 120 free ebooks this summer thanks to Capstone! Buncee has joined in the giving and created free reading activity templates, stickers, and animations for students to use too! Teachers can sign up and create usernames and passwords for students to use all summer long or families can help their students get signed up. It's a pretty fun creation tool where kids will love sharing their learning in innovative ways. Create an account at www.buncee.com.

Choice Boards are accessible now at https://www.capstonepub.com/camp

Here is a link to a family letter inviting families to participate and explain a bit about the program. Feel free to make copies of the letter and send it to families or email it.

Remember, everything students and families need to access all the great resources can be found at https://www.capstonepub.com/camp

Let's get the word out and share these great summer reading and learning opportunities with families!

PebbleGo is Now Official!

Our district-wide subscription to PebbleGo is now live! For those that do not know, PebbleGo is an awesome K-3 resource/database that makes information accessible to students of all reading levels, even non-readers! It's fun and engaging and students love it! We have committed to PebbleGo for the next few years so get to know it now!

Each school has its own unique login. This document has login information for each school. Bookmark it and please ensure your students know their school's login. This document is only available to those logged into their 4J account. Login information cannot be shared publicly. It would be great if schools could share their school's login info via parent communication.

Please contact Amy Page if you have any questions. Have fun!

Lightbox Access Until 6/25

Lightbox is pretty awesome! These are interactive, non-fiction, and fiction books that integrate text with video, audio, weblinks, slideshow, transparencies, and maps and provides lesson plans with ready-to-use activities!

We have access to their full suite! Give it a try! Click any of the links below and begin exploring. Please share with your students and families too!

Lightbox: K-12


Eye Discover: K-2


AV2 Fiction: K-4


AV2 Non-fiction: 3-8


AV2 World Languages: K-2 (Mandarin, Spanish, French and more)


Eugene Public Library Card! Get It In Time for Summer!

There are over 16,000 students in our district and only a little over 1,000 of them have library cards. Help students get access to books all summer long by encouraging them to sign up for a Eugene Public Library Card. Students can register by mail, phone (541-682-5450 - digital access only), or in-person (student ID number is required). Contact Amy Page (page_a@4j.lane.edu) if you need any assistance. Check out this 2-minute video for help.

June is Rainbow Month!

Relax and Learn this Summer with Library Ed Tech at Your Pace

You can explore PD at your pace this summer free of all the other pressures of the daily classroom! Click here to explore and you can also find them in the 4J Virtual Library and on the 4J Library Services webpage. Enjoy some relaxed summer learning!

June 4J Virtual Field Trips

We have two more Virtual Field Trips left this year and they are going to be super fun!

  • June 2nd: Be Rescue - We get to watch a hive get rescued from an old barn being torn down and watch the catching of a swarm!
  • June 9th: Greenhill Humane Society - Small Animals. I thought it would be fitting to end the year where we started with a visit to see the little creatures of the Humane Society.

Thank you for your help spreading the word!

June's "You've Been Virtually Book'd"!

So Many Resources, How Do I Find Them All?!!

You can find all the resources I share on the Library Services webpage on the District website. Find everything from the Weekly Library Connection, choice boards, newsletters, to the 4J Virtual Library, and many more! If you're looking for a resource and it's not there, just let me know and I'll be sure to add it!