Blaze Bulletin

Edition 10 - October 24th


Dear Teachers,

Thank you for your presence and professionalism during Parent Conferences yesterday. Parents were complimentary of our teachers being prepared for their conversations and our scheduling system (thanks Holly). Also, thank you for your flexibility and cooperation Wednesday during the PSAT. Thanks to all the teachers who shared their room during their planning period, moved room to room from being displaced and everyone who proctored the test. The “can do” team spirit of Blackman High was evident and greatly appreciated!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Dr. Leisa Justus

Principal, Blackman High School




Grade books must be updated weekly. Remember, an average of 2 grades per week should be recorded. Parents and students must have a current view of their students progress.


Reminder about not keeping students in your class beyond the time - the next class is just as important as yours.....

Mr. Boo is coming.....

This treat is for you. I hope you enjoy.

The idea is simple. I hope you employ.

You pass “Boo” along to three other neighbors

Along with any kind of Halloween favors.

If we all do our part, and spread the good cheer,

By Halloween night it will be very clear.

We’re a friendly bunch. We like to share fun.

So please do your part to share in the fun!


1. If you don’t want to participate, pass Mr. Boo onto another. However, put the sign on your door.

2. Enjoy your treat and put Mr. BOO immediately on the outside of your door so that everyone knows that you have been BOO’ED.

3. Tomorrow bring a “Boo” for three friends to get “Boo’ed”.

4. Give a copy of this paper so that they will know how to continue the “Boo.”

5. This will end 10/31/16.

New to BHS & Administrative Meetings

November - Wednesday, Nov.9, 7:45am Justus

December - Wednesday, Dec. 7, 7:45am Lawless/Justus

February - Wednesday, Feb. 8, 7:45am Pedigo

March - Wednesday, Mar. 8, 7:45am Connifey-Marlin/Reed

May - Wednesday, May 3, 7:45am Lawless


The '17 picture for seniors has been rescheduled for Friday, November 4th during prime time.

Tech Tuesday – October 25

Technology Tuesday is Back! On October 25, a few BHS teachers will be modeling a variety of instructional technology with their classes: BYOD strategies, technology tools, and more. All other BHS teachers will be able to observe these classes. Click here for a complete schedule and details. One substitute will be available if you would like to observe during a class period other than your planning period. We encourage each of you to take advantage of this opportunity! Feel free to observe during your planning period as well if you would like. There is no need to sign up if you observe during your planning period. Sign up here to reserve a substitute to cover one of your class periods. You only sign up if you need a sub. Otherwise, respectfully come and go into the listed classrooms as you like. Contact Holly if you have any questions!

Upcoming Technology Inservices at BHS


Monday 10/24 – 3:45-4:45 - BYOD and Me! Motivate Students with Activities and Materials


Wednesday 11/2 – 3:45-5:15 - Excel-Intermediate for Visual Representation and Data Analysis

Thursday 11/10 – 3:45-5:15 - Getting Started with OneNote

Go to School Station to find more information and to sign up!

Upcoming Online Inservices

Work at your own pace and on your own schedule during the two week window. You must complete the activities by the final date to receive the specified amount of credit. Go to School Station to find more information and to sign up!

October 31-November 11 – BYOD and Me: Motivate Students with Activities and Materials (2 hours of credit)

November 7-18 – Advanced Excel for Data Analysis (3 hours of credit)

November 14-28 -- Mining for Information: Digging into your research standards (2 hours of credit)

Assessment Tool

RECAP- Reflective thinking response app

  • Can use free website, or free app on IOS & Android
  • Teachers prompt students to respond using text and/or video
  • Students record an explanation of their thinking within a set time limit
  • Teachers can also create a poll for understanding (thumbs up/down or neutral)
  • Software creates a "Daily Reel" summary of 1-6 students that "get it"
  • Recordings can be shared via a web link


Senior Makeup DayOctober 27th (Early Dismissal): 11:45 – 3:30 or until finished – Cafeteria

Club Picture DayNovember 15th: All Day – Main Gym

Senior Cap and Gown PicturesFebruary 23rd: During Senior English Classes – Main Gym Lobby

Underclassman Spring Pictures February 23rd: Announcements by grade – Auxiliary Gym

Junior Orientation (Senior Portrait Meeting)April 11th: Primetime - Auditorium

Faculty Meeting Schedule - 7:30 a.m. in the Auditorium








Let's play who is that? HIGH SCHOOL YEARS REVISITED....

Send Kathy Macknyk a high school picture (teacher & staff) to be featured in the weekly Blaze Bulletin. Play by guessing who that high schooler is and email your guess to Ms. Macknyk. Prizes will be awarded!

And the winner is.....

Kristi Covington is the first to guess Misti Jenkins

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RCS announces 2017 graduation date for BHS

SATURDAY, MAY 20TH at 2:30 pm MTSU Murphy Center


Follow Dr. Justus on Twitter @bhsjustus

Sign up for Remind by texting @drjstaff to 81010


Do you have exciting news to share? Do you have a fun video that would brighten our day? Send your news, videos and pics to and let the BHS staff read about it in the Blaze Bulletin.
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