Hardwood Flooring Vs Carpets

Hardwood Flooring Vs Carpets

Hardwood Flooring Vs Carpets

TV home style programs have increased in the last decade and they brought to public the awareness of the existence of a large variety of interior decorations and home designs, people have become more conscious of this. Some people wonder about the type of flooring they’d rather have in their homes. Since their beginning, people have chosen the standard carpet floor for their homes. However lately, people tend to have the hardwood flooring. Like everything on earth, each of these types of flooring has advantages and disadvantages. Check them in the following:

Period Style

While this may be less important to those who are moving into a new building, those who are moving into an old property and want to renovate it will find this relevant; Capturing the look of the era in which the house was built. In many situations, this implies that you leave the flooring visible rather than carpeting it. This is an argument for style, and sometimes you’ll have to overlook the disadvantages in order to have the appropriate period look.


Carpets usually give your home a nice feeling of warmth and color. But, unless they are regularly replaces with new ones, these carpets wear out and leave a room looking worn and shabby. Of course this adds extra costs. However, hardwood flooring not only gives the attractive looks that everyone wants but also it is extremely hard wearing. It is apt to deterioration like carpeting but it is easily and with the minimum costs, fixed with a quick varnish.


For humans, carpets offer a great deal of warmth especially during the winter. But they also offer the home lots and lots of dust and other particles which will circulate around the house and therefore causing problems for asthmatic and allergic persons. They are also apt to attacks by carpet lice which lay the larva in the carpet weave and eats away at the carpet which goes usually undetected. You can only notice than when you hoover the carpets, the carpet string turns to dust and leave a bare patch. Yet, hardwood flooring is easy to keep away the dust and other debris that can cause allergic problems, making it a suitable environment for those who wish to live in a healthy home. Unlike hovering carpets which leaves tons of dust under the carpet in deep places that cannot be reached, hardwood flooring is easily cleaned with a damp mop that eliminates all remaining particles and making it look good as new


People who have pets like cats or dogs should have a hardwood floor; it is more suitable for them. When it comes to cats, they love to dig their claws into the carpets and pull at the threads. They do that in order to keep their claws ready and trimmed it is like training for them. This causes, of course, a big damage to the carpet. Dogs also can cause many problems to the carpet with their muddy paws. This won’t be an issue when you have a hardwood floor for all the mud, sand etc can be wiped off instantly.

A Change

When you wish to change the style of a carpet, you’re going to have to buy a new one. But with hardwood flooring, it isn’t about purchasing a new floor. The hardwood flooring can be sanded down and varnished in different shades. You can do whatever you want to hardwood flooring, it can be aged, distressed or colored.