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September 9, 2013

Wondering What We're Doing With Wonder?

This summer, all students and staff read the book Wonder by R. J. Palacios as part of our One School, One Book initiative. It is our plan to make this a cornerstone for discussion of important topics such as bullying, acceptance, courage and perseverance.

Of course, Wonder will be discussed in English class along with the other summer reading book that students chose. However, we will have pointed discussions in Tiger's Eye, too. Tiger's Eye is the name of our advocacy program where small groups of students meet once or twice a month to discuss social-emotional topics that are pertinent to middle school students. After a first Tiger's Eye where we make introductions and get to know each other, the second two Tiger's Eye meetings in October, National Bullying Prevention Month, will be dedicated to the themes of bullying, acceptance, and courage found in Wonder.

On November 6th we have a half day. All grades will attend a presentation on Cyberbullying and meet in Tiger's Eye to discuss the seriousness of cyberbullying and what to do about it if it happens.

As with everything we do at Tamanend, we know we are at our best when we work together. We encourage parents to read Wonder and take an active role to support students against bullying.

  • After reading Wonder, talk about the different perspectives highlighted in the book and share your "precepts." Wonder is a great read for everyone, even grown-ups.
  • Check out the web resources for parents about cyberbullying that we list on our Guidance web page. (see below for more details)
  • Monitor what your student is doing with technology. At a time when middle school students are developing their communication styles, we give them instant, permanent, and impersonal means of communicating... the internet, smart phones, and instagram to name a few. It is too easy to make serious and lasting mistakes.
  • And finally, if you suspect or know of any bullying at Tamanend, please contact our guidance counselors who will then work with our staff to make sure that we stop the bullying immediately.

We thank you for all you do on the homefront to make sure our students are safe and feel accepted. We value our partnership with you in creating a school environment where everyone can learn and grow... together.

Portrait of a Tiger painted and dedicated to Tamanend by Alisa Y, Class of 2013.

Information from Guidance

The Guidance Department has made available a variety of resources for parents on our website. Included is information on a number of topics such as ADHD, Bullying, Child Abuse, Internet Safety and Mental /Emotional Health Issues. For example, under "Bullying" you will find information available from both local and national organizations, as well as a brochure developed by our staff entitled CBSD Bullying Prevention and Intervention Program. This brochure outlines the district’s pro-social and developmental approach to prevention and intervention and what parents can do to help with prevention and if they suspect their child is involved in a bullying situation. This site also has links to family and community resources that may be helpful such as local agencies that specialize in grief, mental health services, drug and alcohol, community health services, and family crisis.

7th Grade Back to School Night

Monday, Sep. 16th 2013 at 7pm

1492 Stuckert Road

Warrington, PA

Parents and guardians will follow their student's schedule and meet their teachers. Please park in our main lot, the bus loop, or behind the building. Parallel parking is also available on Stuckert Road adjacent to the Tamanend campus. Carpooling is encouraged.

8th & 9th Grade Back to School Night

Tuesday, Sep. 17th 2013 at 7pm

1492 Stuckert Road

Warrington, PA

Parents and guardians will follow their student's schedule and meet their teachers. Please park in our main lot, the bus loop, or behind the building. Parallel parking is also available on Stuckert Road adjacent to the Tamanend campus. Carpooling is encouraged.

Car Drop Off Lane

We encourage all students to ride the bus if they are assigned to one, or walk/bike to school. On the occassion that parents/guardians need to drive students to school*, please enter the main parking lot staying to the right. Pull as far up along that sidewalk as possible. Students should exit cars on the right side of the car directly onto the sidewalk. If there is a long line of cars, students do not need to wait in their cars until they are directly outside the door to the car rider entrance/exit. They may walk along the sidewalk. That way parent/guardian drivers may exit using any of the parking aisles. This will alleviate traffic. Please stop at the end of the aisle to be sure it is safe to cross incoming traffic. For the safety of our students and drivers, NO ONE should drop off students on Stuckert Road. Likewise, NO ONE should park in the main parking area or pull into the visitor's area for drop off. Thank you for being extra careful so that everyone is safe.

* Students Should Arrive to School After 7:10 and Before 7:30 AM

TMS Needs Parent Volunteers!

Parent volunteers are needed for the magazine drive, dances, and many other important events that make Tamanend a fun place to go to school. Please click here to complete our online Parent Volunteer form to help us make this year at Tamanend special for our students and staff. The code word is "tms."

Magazine Drive Kickoff - September 13th

9/11 Heroes Run

The TMS Health & Wellness Committee wants you to join the Tamanend Tiger Team at the 9/11 Heroes Run in Doylestown. What better way to kick off the school year than to do something healthy, in service to others, together! The Heroes Run will be held on Sunday, September 15, 2013. So, mark your calendars and register under the "Tamanend Tiger" group by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Click on this link: http://911heroesrundoylestown.eventbrite.com/

Step 2: Select Individual Registration

Step 3: Under individual registration, select "Tamanend Tigers" as your team.

When you arrive at the Heroes Run, look for our staff wearing Tamanend Running shirts. (pictured to the right)

C B South Football Games

C B South asked us to remind everyone that 9th grade Tamanend students attending Titan football games need to show TMS identification at the ticket gate in order to be admitted. Last year's IDs are accepted until the new ones are issued. 7th and 8th grade students who attend C B South games must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

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