April 15th - Language Arts Agenda

Collaboration is Key




Work collaboratively to share the vision of the district/department, determine how we are going to get there by analyzing the Common Core standards and needs of our students, and discuss how we can support each other.


1. Understand the vision of the district and department.

2. Gain a better understanding of the tool the district plans on providing to assist us in our goal of creating curriculum maps, pacing guides, and common assessments.

3. Explore the needs of our students through analysis of Aspire and student feedback.

4. Discuss vertical alignment of the 7-12 Common Core standards with a focus on the areas of need.

5. Develop a common academic vocabulary between grade levels.


1. Where are we going?

  • District Vision
  • Department Vision

2. Mastery Connect

  • Facebook + Pinterest for education
  • Houses curriculum maps
  • Create, administer, and grade commons assessments
  • Mastery of standards at a glance
  • Builds collaboration with team
  • Connect globally with other educators
  • Much, much more!!!

3. Data Review

  • Aspire data
  • 9th grade student survey

4. Vertical Alignment Think Tank

  • Discuss anchor standards between 7th/8th grade, 8th/9th grade, 9th/10th grade, 10th/11th grade, 11th/12th grade.

  • Discuss the overlaps between grades. What are we teaching again? Reteaching? Is it necessary? Why?

  • Discuss the gaps between grades? What are we not teaching? How do we address those gaps?

5. Common Vocabulary

  • Collections versus Common Core
  • Terms all students should know