News investigation

by Nikel Dedrick

Runescape Streamer Tips Pizza Deliverer $1230

This article is from, and is about how a person who raised money while live streaming a game to tip a random pizza delivery man. This shows how not everyone can get lucky, but some do, making them happy when it does. I think that the economy term that would go with this article would be Opportunity cost, because since the streamer could only give this to one person, he asked for the person with the most money problems, and that allowed him to get the money.

Video games bring in £1.43 billion into the Economy each year.

This Article shows that not only are video games entertaining, but they are actually Economically beneficial. The article goes on to talk about how much the video games have netted the economy and how they think its a great thing. i believe that this is a great form of Goods/Services, by providing the public with entertainment, video games allow people to pass the time with a good game of GTA or COD
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This article is about how the german economy is thriving, and businesses are even going to pay all of their workers more. This will affect around 3.7 million workers, giving them all more money per hour on their jobs. I think that this shows the concept of positive externalities by the country and companies having a good time, or year, the workers get paid more.
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This article is about how 14,000 people that work in 29 different ports for unloading the estimated 1 trillion dollars of cargo, when on strike and every day costed the economy around 2 Billion dollars. Any strike that these people hold is next to impossible to refuse. I believe that this is an example of services, because they are used to for the service of unloading and distributing the cargo.
This article was about how the economical confidence about the economy stability in consumers is lower then normal. Consumers are worried about their jobs and about the money that they are making, so they are not buying as much as they normally would be. this makes the economy slightly decline, making the situation even worse. i think this is an example of negative externalities because they don't mean to make it worse by doing what they think is good.