Come to my fireworks party!!!!!!

It's gonna be the most awesomest party ever.☺


Come have some EXSPLOSIVE fun!

Bring fireworks of any kind, bring LOTS of yummy food, and bring anything you think will be fun.☺ ***Be sure to wear clothes you dont mind getting dirty, lawn chairs(opt.), and blankies!!

When: Friday, May 31, 2013

Where: the Danville Ellis Park

What food you should consider bringing**

Since everyone will see this, only bring small amounts of food. Ex: if you're bringing hot dogs, only bring like half a package, that way we don't have a bajillion of one thing, and like nothing of some thing else. Some foods you might want to bring include: hot dogs, macaroni, chips(of all sorts), hot dog buns*, drinks(soda, milk**, water, juice)NO BEER OR ALCHAHOL!!!!!!!***, hamburgers, tacos, and anything else you thimk people would love!!


I'm hoping this is what our party looks like!!!!!!!!