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Skill Topics for the Week of March 16, 2020

Added 3/17/2020-Safe Research Sites for our students.

If students are learning about things of their interest. These are safe research/reference sites that have been recommended by teachers and librarians (including Mrs. Browning)





We Miss You Students!!!!

The following is what students would have been covering (topic wise) in their perspective grade level and subjects. I have just tried to make it as simple as possible for you parents that would like your children to try and self-engage in their learning. A couple of these sites may have you sign up for a free version but I tried to pick things the students could watch and do fairly independently of parents. I realize many parents are still working and need things the kids can kind of maneuver on their own. And for those that can take it further, you know what they are working on so have fun...there is soooo much out there please do:).

The school board will be meeting Thursday night so we will have more direction after that and you will hear more directly from your child’s teacher/s.

Please tell the kids I miss them very much and that I am thinking of them. (they can write me a letter or email!!! That is also great learning :)) -Dr. Youngberg

Positivity Project & Announcements

Dr. Youngberg will do the usual 10 minute P2 lesson via a “Zoom Meeting”. This is the link for that meeting and it will be every morning at 8am. Starting March 23rd, P2 lessons will be at 9am and we will add our full announcements including the pledge, calendar events, and birthdays.


Purpose of Learning (Video Purpose of Learning)



Learning New Skills Challenge (Video Mike Boyd YouTuber)



Example of the Love of Learning (Kobe Bryant Video)



Learn new skill-American Sign Language (Videos-Learning and Kindness, Learn ASL)




Learn new skill-Coding (Video Learn to Code) & Website for more learning https://studio.code.org/courses

Fun Toy we learned about today in our lesson!!!

Dash & Dot Coding Toy


Sphero is another fun robot many schools have, including ours.


Tynker is another site for kids to learn about coding we learned about today!


Girl Scouts also works on coding we learned today.


Down Syndrome Awareness Day March 21st

On Friday we were supposed to celebrate this with some friends sharing on announcements, but since we cannot here is a great video to watch.

4th Grade Social Studies GOLIAD Field Trip :(

I’m so sad we are going to miss our field trip this week. Students were supposed to visit the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad. I found this short video that they can watch as a virtual sort of field trip and actually the guy in the video is the actual person that usually gives us our tour!!!!
The Texas Bucket List - Presidio La Bahia

4th Grade English Language Arts and Reading

Learning Skill/s (Reading and Writing):

Students will evaluate details read to determine key ideas. Students will retell, paraphrase, or summarize texts in ways that maintain meaning and logical order. Students create brief compositions that establish a central idea in a topic sentence; include supporting sentences with simple facts, details, and explanations; and contain a concluding statement.



Pick and read an article from this site https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-3-5.html .

As you read or listen along (click the “text-to-speech” button on left) write notes about the main ideas and details. Then, retell the story orally to s-omeone using your notes.



Use what you learned in your reading to write a composition,

Take the information from the story you read and write a brief composition about the same subject. Use the facts and information you learned and choose one of the following:

*write a made up story

*write a composition of your opinion of the story and support it with the information learned.

Specifics: Use all the components you’ve been working on in class including the use of an introduction, supporting details/information, and a conclusion. Check your writing for correct grammar and punctuation.

Spelling Learning Skill:

Students will decode and spell multisyllabic words with the final schwa + /r/ sound. These are the spelling words (enter, banner, sugar, shower, motor, collar, labor, finger, mirror, beggar, favor,bother,fever, doctor,temper,actor,polar,sweater,traitor,harbor)


Watch this video https://youtu.be/ve6okek60us and practice spelling some of these words or you list below. Parents if you want to take it further, set up a spelling city account (https://www.spellingcity.com/) and input the words for more spelling practice.

Grammar Learning Skills:

Introduce adjectives that compare and use adjectives that compare correctly in speaking and writing (use in your writing above).

Students will determine how the meaning of a word changes with the addition of a suffix. suffixes -ful, -ous, and -less.


Play this game https://www.education.com/games/comparative-and-superlative-adjectives/

Play this game https://www.education.com/game/suffix-trucks/

4th Math

Learning Skills:

Read a protractor to determine measures of angles and learn vocabulary Right- 90, Acute- Less than 90, Obtuse- More than 90, Straight-180. Add and Subtract Angle Measures

Activity (angles/protractors):

Go to this website and watch the little videos then do the sample questions that follow.



Activity (adding and subtracting angles):

Watch this Video https://youtu.be/0-spl_xqu5w

Play this game: https://www.splashlearn.com/math-skills/fourth-grade/measurement/add-and-subtract-angles

WANT MORE INSTRUCTION on adding and subtracting angles? Then, follow along this lesson https://www.helpingwithmath.com/by_subject/geometry/geo_adding_angles_4md7.htm. You can print out pages or you can just work out on your own on a sheet of paper.

3rd Grade English Language Arts and Reading

Learning Skill/s (Reading and Writing):

Students recognize characteristics of opinion texts. TSW put together what they know & what they learn to form a new understanding of the text by supporting ideas and claims with text- based evidence deepen their understanding of the text in a close reading lesson to highlight and explain text and graphic features to summarize what is read.

Reading & Writing


Click on this PDF https://www.hmhco.com/ereading/into_reading_t/g3/teacher/pdf/3re_tx_tpl_m08.pdf

Read the Opinion Text story or have someone read it to/with you Edison’s Best Invention” on page 256-268 and pay attention to notes on the side as well to guide the reading (This is actually the student textbook I found online)

Then do the questions and activities on pages 269-275.

Spelling Learning Skill: SW learn how to spell plural words by changing y to i

Spelling List Words Words that change final y to (cities,cries,puppies,hurried,stories, flies,parties,tried,pennies,happiness,carried,babies,spied,ponies,memories,probably,though,against,hour,fight)


Watch this videohttps://youtu.be/QinBgqrtTrA and study your spelling words as usual. Parents if you want to take it further, set up a spelling city account (https://www.spellingcity.com/) and input the words for more spelling practice.

Grammar Learning Skills:

Students learn more about the use of plural and possessive nouns.


Watch this video


Play this game online


3rd Math/Science/Social Studies

Below is a choice board for 3rd Grade Math, Science, and Social Studies (Thank you Mrs. Elliott!). Students can choose what to learn from below. The specific learning skills are listed as well. Just download PDF for attachment links.

Science Lab

Students are learning about the physical characteristics of environments, and how they support populations and communities within an ecosystem.


Kids can watch this introduction to ecosystems. https://youtu.be/cIfpKL0brwQ

Then, go outside and look into a small area and list all the living and nonliving things

Then answer these questions:

How did you know the things you listed were “living” or “non-living”?

How are these things dependent on each other?


I won’t lie, I looked at Mrs. Williams lessons and it was like a foreign language to me lol. In any case, this is what they were covering this week and I just found a couple videos that may help with this at home.

3rd Grade Objective: Lesson 1: Music Alphabet and pitch with Solfege syllables to the diatonic Scale.Lesson 2: Orff /Kodaly Lesson – Melodic contour Game and Rhythm reading

Activity (Pitch):

Watch Video


4th Grade Objective: Lesson 1: Head Voice, Ascending Descending Melody, Dynamics Lesson 2: Dynamics, Hand position on Xylophones, Triplets

Activity (Head Voice):

Watch Videos on this site


Physical Education

PE was working on cardio activities including tag games and games of eye-hand coordination. Go Noodle is a fun, free site for this stuff at home!!!

Eye-Hand Coordination:



Cardio at Home (Dance off when we get back to school!!!!):





For the next couple weeks, students in art were going to work with watercolors and begin with geometric and organic abstracts. Here is a video on watercolors and in case you don’t have that, there is also a basic art lesson on organic abstract too. :)

Watercolor Video:


Organic Abstract Lesson:


Other Resources Students Can Access

All students have Education Galaxy (all subjects) and Learning.com (computer/technology literacy) access. The students should know how to utilize these sites and have their login with them. If not, we will get them for you just email your child's teacher or nyoungberg@flourbluffschools.net Thanks!