Rainforest in Puerto Rico

By: Autumn

Ecotourism in a Rainforest

Today we will be talking about ecotourism. Before, We start talking about this I think you should probably know what ecotourism means. Ecotourism is people going and touring or places, but at the same time time protecting those places and not have damaged the place more then what they were when you got there.

The La Mina Falls

If you haven't been to Puerto Rico before you might think about going there when I tell show you this beautiful waterfall. El Yunque National Forest so beautiful and has some of the most beautiful waterfalls ever! If you look at the picture below you might really consider going there to see this beautiful waterfall in person. And just know while it helps you see things in a different way. It helps all the animals around there with the water they need to survive when you come here. It gives us another reason to keep this thing going.
Big image

Have I Interested you enough to come, yet?

Ok, I understand you might not want to come but just know every time someone comes here it helps another animal in this forest from not being extinct. We are open all days of the week 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. Remember if you are in Puerto Rico it is an amazing sight to see.