Leprechaun trap

Make a trap to catch your leprechaun!

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How can I catch a Leprechaun?


I think a pulley will work best to trap my Leprechaun.


1st: got all the supplies

2nd: glued the boxes to the paper towel roll

3rd: put string throw the tube

4th: glued the pulley to the box

5th: made the rainbow trail

6th: but sparkly duck tape on the boxes

7th: made a sign to trick


This is a picture of my Diagram. Every square equals 1inch.
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Making a Leprechaun Trap is fun! Maybe u should try to make one someday. My hypothesis was right, I used a pulley I think it works the best.

Materials I Used To make My Trap

* Paper towel tube

* Can

* 2 Boxes

* Tape

* Pulley

* Sticks

* String

How It Works

There is a rainbow trail. My leprechaun will fallow it.. Next, there is a sign that says don't take the GOLD. When the Leprechaun takes the gold a can will drop on the leprechaun and will be stuck under the can.
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My Paragraph

My leprechaun traps name is " Trick The Con." My Trap is very tricky. So my leprechaun goes in a rainbow trail. When they see a sign that says " Don't Take the Gold." The leprechaun will take the gold and a can will fall on the Leprechaun. The leprechaun will be trapped in the can. Thats how my trap works.