The Prohibition

Enacted by the Eighteenth Amendment

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Prohibition Agents Dump Liquor into a Sewer After a Raid: From the American History online database, in the public domain

Olivia Mosto

Prohibition Poem by Olivia Mosto

The Unpopular Problem That Was the Prohibition

The old drunken man sound asleep,

Awoke to the alarming news that

Alcohol could no longer be in use.

He hoped the time would never come when

He should not swallow the shameful rum.

He jumped right up and ran to town

And saw that his saloon was burned to the ground.

His hatred burned like the flames in the air

And knew that the Anti-Saloon League

Was the disruptive devil he despised.

The Eighteenth Amendment was an attack

On the rights of the individual;

They had crushed his glorious way of life!

What would the old man do without his booze!