January 18- January 22

Weekly Announcements!

  • Literacy Block: 2-6 grade and Special Education Teachers- Thank you for your "lazer -like" focus around reading instruction. We've spent the first two weeks back discussing and calibrating on a solid literacy block. I'm so proud of you- us :) We are ready!!!
  • Literacy: k-1 teachers, we are moving to you next. All grade level teachers are beginning implementation throughout this week and we will be providing support. Thank you for your patience! I truly appreciate it. Please begin thinking about structure changes you feel are beneficial to closing the achievement gap and equally as important, helping produce solid fluent readers :)
  • Teacher Action Plans-Melinda from UVA will be here to assist with 3-6 teacher action plans. The focus is 3-6 primarily, because we have actionable data and it's measured on AzMERIT. Lead teachers and myself will then meet with k-2 teachers action plans. We will cover your class within. Laura is working on getting all k-2 data on 1 spreadsheet just like 3-6. This way we can analyze standard mastery as well as RAPS achievement. Subs will be with 3-5 and our IAs will be with 6th grade from 8-11:30 on Wednesday. please leave lesson plans for kids that are focused on repeated practice. Please be conscious of meaningful practice- worksheet kill is not always necessary.

EiE Kits

k-2 Teams please plan on implementing EiE kits this quarter and into next. These kits are aligned to standards and t the right level of rigor for our kids. You can decide what schedule you want to follow. Christie McDougall and Denise Murueta are available to assist us in any way. We just need to reach out. Please let me know how I can help. 3-6grade teachers can wait to implement until after AzMERIT if your reignite time is still aligned to interims. I will schedule this for us.

21st Century/ Tutoring


Please help us get our kids to tutoring. They may not go home unless you talk to the parent on the phone before the end of the day. The office staff cannot man this- unless you talk to the parent, please makes sure to drop them off in the cafeteria (they are assigned tables) It is imperative they stay. If we do not meet attendance requirements, we will lose the grant. Please help us be successful!

January Birthdays!

Omega Rico - 7th
Cecilia Hernandez - 10th
Janis Sherick - 12th
Arlette Ortiz - 12th
William Cuen - 25th
Crystal Woltman - 30th
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