Martin Luther King Jr.

by Kelly Grimes

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The Childhood

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. Living in his house was his father, mother, 2 siblings, and grandparents. Growing up, he played piano and football, as well as learn about the baptist religion. He went to school at Yonge Street Elementary School at the age of 6, and went to high school at Booker T. Washington High School, where he started his first 2 year, then went to college during his junior year. From the moment he was born, he realized there was a clear separation and divide between race.

The Obstacles

The obstacle Martin Luther King Jr. faced began at a young age. He was at a shoe store with the father at the age of 5, where they forced him and his father to move to the back of store. King then began to notice the segregation throughout the city; having to use different restrooms, sit in the back of movie theaters, and be moved to a special section in restaurants. When he decided to stand up for equal rights, he was arrested every time, coming to a total of 20 times. People had even gone to extreme lengths by bombing his house, and stabbing him during a book signing. But through out the terrible things he went through, he continued to stand up for equal rights fro everyone.

Steps Taken

To make Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream a reality, many steps were needed to be taken. He was a strong believer in non-violent protesting, so the first major step he took was he stopped going to places that would move him to the back. This was his first major statement. Other steps he took was boycotting the Montgomery Buss in 1955, being apart of the Memphis Worker Strike, and giving speeches about the problem (e.g. "I have a dream" speech."

Achieving the Goal

Many things that helped Martin Luther King in achieving his goal was his positive mind. He knew that if he kept going with this, things were eventually going to change and that he could do anything. He also had a strong belief in being non-violent, which helped him because he was able to be professional and bring attention to the issue. Another tactic was he lead many strikes, boy cots, and ended up leading the civil rights movement. One of Martin Luther King's biggest achievements was he was able to speak at populated events to get the word out.