1930's Fashion

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

What Did Women Wear in the 1930's?


The flapper look of the 20's was now out, and a more sophisticated look - influenced by Hollywood movies - was in. More muted colors was in rather than bright colorful fabrics. Although fabrics with prints or geometric patterns were also used.


In the 1930's sun bathing became more and more popular. Athletic swimming and synchronized swimming was also popular. The suits reflect the need to show more skin in the sun.
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1930's Swimwear Fashion Film in Color

Formal / Evening

Evening dresses in 1930s were backless, and the bodices were slightly bloused. Evening dresses had hemlines which were ankle or floor-length. Flowers made of fabric, as well as bows, could be found on one shoulder, or in the center of the waist or neckline. Late in the decade, silky dresses became more popular.
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During the 1930’s a hat was a common fashion accessory. If a women needed a sporty or outdoor appeal than a perky hat with an Australian or Cossack feel would be perfect. A commonly used hat was a high crowned hat; they were small and contrasted with sailor style hats. These typed of hats were tilted to an angle to add a flirtatious style.