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Maire newsletter: January 15 Edition

Dear Maire Families,

Two weeks in the books and we continue to push forward into our new year. Starting on January 25th we will go back to our normal school year bell schedule, except there are no late start Mondays due to being in cohorts. I want to highlight those changes:

  • Specials are returning to in-person learning (no longer virtual, unless a student is in OneGP virtual of course).

  • Students will still be in a hybrid system (A cohort and B cohort).

  • We now have an ABCD special schedule (rotating PE, music, art, and library/spanish).

  • The new day will always start at 8:20am, which is 5 minutes earlier than we started so far. Set those alarm clocks 5 minutes earlier.

  • The new day will always end at 3:38 pm, which is a bit over an hour longer than when we ended so far.

  • Still NO late start Mondays

  • Cleaning and social distancing protocols will be in place for all specials, including students bringing personal shields to everything except PE. PE will often be outside.

Again, this new routine will start Monday, January 25th. We want to make sure families are aware and can start to plan for these changes. GP continues to monitor changes at the county and state levels. I truly believe we are taking steps forward towards normalcy in schools and hope to continue pushing forward more as time goes on.

Thanks for helping us with each transition and change. It has been a roller coaster ride for all of us, but your support has made each change possible.

Ryan Francis

Proud Principal

We Learn. We Lead. We Lift.

Important Maire dates to remember

1/18 MLK Jr. Day NO SCHOOL

1/20 Lifetouch Picture Day (Cohort B)

OneGPVirtual pictures 3:00-6:00pm * use this sign up genius to book your photo time

1/21 Lifetouch Picture Day (Cohort A)

1/22 1/2 Day dismissal 11:36

1/25 BOE Meeting 7:00 p.m. Brownell MS

Start of normal school hours 8:20-3:38

**Important LENGTH OF DAY CHANGING FOR Elementary**

The Elementary School day is getting longer starting January 25th. We will go back to a traditional 8:20 am - 3:38 pm day. NO late start Mondays. Please mark your calendars for the new timing.

We have added the information about timing, specials, and the lunchroom: Updated Return to School Maire 1/25/21

Important Lifetouch Picture day information 1/20 and 1/21

Picture Day is coming to Maire!!!

January 20th and 21st

This socially distanced Picture Day will give your child an opportunity to get a school photo done. Maire will be constructing the yearbook this year, so we are working with Lifetouch to allow parents to submit other photos. To be safe, all students who attend school on the 20th or 21st will get their picture taken, just to make sure we have a photo on file. Stay tuned for more information about submitting photos later on.

Order Online at with the code EVTJTP7T3

One Book, One School Sponsored by GTS

We hope you are enjoying reading The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate, together as a family. Be sure to carve out a small amount of time each week night to share in this community reading event.

You can use this Family Resource to help, which includes the letter and schedule, some optional family activities, and ways to access the book digitally.

Trivia questions will be done in class. We will do trivia days for each cohort so that cohort A and cohort B can answer the question and have a chance to win a prize. We will also blast out a digital version for any student doing OneGP virtual to fill out.

Big picture

Back in the gym for lunch! What a success!

character word of the month - Respect

At Maire we work hard to develop the whole-child. Academics are important, but having good character is the most important thing of all. This month we are focusing on Respect. It is something we show and work on daily in order to become better people. Respect Family Letter

leader in me : Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Seeking to Understand, then to be Understood certainly is a life skill that students need to be successful. Here at school this will start to play out even more when students get outside to play in the snow. This is a common area that can cause conflicts, deciding what to build or whose sculpture/fort is whose. This is a great time to practice listening to others and expressing ourselves so that we can work together in the snow.

Chess Wizards is back! (virtual)

Chess Wizards is excited to offer classes again this semester for their virtual chess club. Click here for all details and to sign up!

Specials CHANGE IS COMING!!!!!!!

THIS IS OUR FINAL WEEK OF VIRTUAL SPECIALS. Specials will be in person starting January 25th. We will have information out to families about specials early next week.

The specials classes and timing will continue in the hybrid model as they have been in the past. There will be AFTERNOON zooms as a chance to connect.

*Note, this is a change from hybrid in the fall where the zooms were in the morning. Your child will access the specials classes on their non-face-to-face days in the afternoon. GP is working on a plan to have specials return in person and students return to a longer day starting January 25th (3:38 dismissal). Stay tuned for more info soon.

Please review this Specials Letter and Virtual Specials Schedule that is in place right now.

Makerspace Zoom Thursday and Friday

The virtual Maire Makerspace Class will be happening every Thursday & Friday!

This is an optional zoom class led by Mrs. Kramer.

At the meeting students will design, tinker, and create something based on the design challenge (details will be sent out each Monday). This is a fun way to engage with other students and showcase your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Each week students will be given a list of household supplies to gather & bring to the zoom meeting. If you are not able to gather all of the materials, we will have some kits created plus a bin of extra single supplies available in our vestibule for you to pick up.

Our Maire Makerspace Class zooms will be for all students (Y5-4th) from 10:00 - 10:25 on Thursday (Cohort B) and 10:00 - 10:25 on Friday (Cohort A).

Please consider joining this optional Makerspace zoom on your asynchronous mornings. You can access the zoom via the link below and teachers will try to post it in their Schoology accounts as well.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Kramer (

GPPSS meal distribution every Wednesday

Free meals distributed Wednesdays 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

From 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. every Wednesday, families can pick up a week’s worth of meals for students under age 18 or those receiving special education services under age 26. Simply drive through North High School, 707 Vernier, in Grosse Pointe Woods. In order to keep this as safe as possible for everyone, these meals will be served as “grab and goes” to be taken home for consumption. Free lunch will be served at all schools for students who order when attending in person. Free breakfast will be served at Defer, Mason, Monteith, Parcells, Pierce, North and South when students attend school in person. This is made possible through an extension of the USDA grant.

Free and Reduced Meal Applications:

Important: Please complete an application each school year if you think you might be eligible as this greatly impacts the district’s ability to access state and federal funding sources. This information is confidential.

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