Heaven Is For Real

By: Maggie Buhr And Kennedy Howard


Heaven Is For Real is in First Person point of view. We know because one of the main characters, Todd Burpo the father, is telling the story.
Heaven Is For Real Book Review.


Heaven is for Real is about a three-year-old boy, Colton Burpo, whose appendix erupts and they have to do a surgery. While the boy is in surgery he goes to heaven. He then comes back to Earth to tell his story.

Literary Devices

Simile: "A slightly six-year-old, my daughter was as smart as a whip."

Hyperbole: "...But the spider's body was as thick as Colton's wrist!"

Personification: "As the road hummed underneath me..."


Overall, we both thought that Heaven Is for Real was a great book. This book is not like other books. We think it was easy to understand with Todd telling the story and not someone else. So, we liked seeing his point of view.
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