The Antlers

Ballard Elks Lodge 827

A Message From the Exalted Ruler

I'm pretty excited to be writing my first Exalted Ruler message. I'd like to thank Bob and Lori for a great 2013/14 year, the new officers for stepping up for the lodge, past exalted rulers Anthony, Grims, Johnny, who do so much to keep Ballard Elks no. 827 STRONG. Thank you to Cindy O. with out you I wouldnt be a member and to everyone else for contributing.

Its dues time, please pay them ASAP it is important. You can see Lois in the office Monday-Friday 10:00am-3:00pm. The number to reach the lodge is 206-784-0827 or pay in the social quarters, we accept cash, debit, or there is an ATM available in the building.

We started with a good beginning to the year. The salmon dinner was the first function of the year, serving 320 dinners, and raising $5,000. Great job Grims Gislason, Duane Stensland and crew!

The website is up and running thank you Shevaun Brown for your contributions and now to Ben Braden for taking it over. You can find it at, check it out!

If you're looking to participate we are always looking for new faces to help out with an event, committee, or other lodge function. Contact any officer they can point you in the right direction.

This is going to be a great year! We have many things taking place between the lodge and charities. For example, hired a club manager, there are repairs to the building in progress, Kids Easter party, we are going to be in the Syttende Mai Parade, the First Anual Memorial Day Truck & 4x4 show combined with Crown Hill Cemetery and Boy Scouts, and state convention.

Lastly I would like to say that I am truly honored to be Exalted Ruler for 2014-15. I will do my best to fulfill my obligations and duties. Our motto for the year is "Bringing Ballard Back" and we are definitely moving forward with that.

Exalted Ruler Joe Tiffany

Bundle up Ballard Update

What we are doing with our Grant Money

On Sunday March 30 th Sheila and Eben Bland went shopping with the grant money they received and bought 18 sleeping bags and mats, and along with Cindy Olsby and little Eben made 91 sack lunches to pass out to local homeless. In the lunches were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, granola bars, cheese crackers a desert and drink.

Sheila and Eben handed out the lunches in Ballard, Fremont and downtown to some very appreciative people.

Easter Party!

Sunday April 13 th 1 to 4 right here at the Lodge. Bring an Easter Basket and outdoor cloths for the Easter Egg hunt on the beach. There will be food and crafts along with a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny!
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1st Annual Bacon Off May 1st

Ballard Elks Website

Thank you Ben Braden for getting the website updated ! If you want to know what is happening at the Lodge check it out

Salmon Dinner Update

Salmon dinner a success

Downstairs venue is outstanding, thanks to all that came and enjoyed the dinner

We raised for elks charities

Thanks to the donation of fish by Duane Stensland and all the sides by Larry Gislason. We had a lot of help on this event from al ot of Elk members which is greatly appreciated and good to see people getting involved. We had our standard crew helping and were expecting 200 to 240 people, with 150 being presold. we ended up serving salmon to over 300 people. The turnout caught us off guard and were a little overwhelmed, but this is what makes Elkdom great, members and friends noticed and got up from their tables to give us help. I hope you all had a good time, and thank you to everyone that helped with the event.

Grims Gislason PER

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Mothers Day Brunch

Sunday May 11th

10 AM Social Hour

11AM Brunch

12PM Ceremony

Moms are important with the Elks! Bring yours down for her day.

Moms eat free all others $10

Watch for more details in the May Bulletin

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Ballard Elks Fund For Oso Darrington Arlington

We have a fund that we are going to take directly to the people in need started at the Lodge. Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated.
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Our Kids Washington State Therapy Program


Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children, Inc

Our State Major Project

It is impossible to accurately describe the desperate, helpless feeling of watching as your firstborn child, a baby not more than a week old, lies motionless as he is poked, prodded, tested and assessed. There is a sickening sensation as your hopes and dreams slowly sink from your grasp and into the darkness. My journey to rediscovering the light of hope was not as easy one, but I was fortunate to have found some powerful allies along the way.

When my son, David was eight days old, he suffered multiple seizures due to lack of blood flow to his brain. Deprived of nourishment, a major part of his occipital lobe (the vision center of the brain), and small areas of his frontal lobe, sustained damage. David spent nine nights in the hospital, four of them in the NICU. His medical team warned me and my husband that our son may be blind, deaf, and may never speak or walk.

A few weeks after we were released from the hospital, we visited our pediatrician for David’s checkup. He recommended that David begin working with an occupational therapist from the Elks. I knew little about the Elks at that time, but I’m so thankful for them now. When David was two months old, Kathy, the Elks Therapist, called me to arrange her first visit.

After telling me a little about herself and the Elks, Kathy did something amazing. She listened. She told me that I knew my son better than anyone, and she was interested in my point of view. She didn’t judge, diagnose, or question. She took notes. Afterward, she played with David and gave me some ideas to learn more about his likes and dislikes so that we could better understand and help him. She let me know what to expect from her future visits, what her goals were for David, she gave me hope. That day, Kathy took my hand and helped me take my first step out of the darkness.

David is now eight months old, and over the past six months he has learned to hold his head up, roll over, visually track objects and come very close to sitting up and crawling. Best of all, he’ll look you in the eye and light up your day with his megawatt smile. Kathy is not only an OT who is helping my son to see and to tackle milestone after milestone, she is also an ally. I look forward to Kathy’s weekly visits because I know her experience and knowledge will help David progress to his full potential. She’s also helped me to realize that the light I had been looking for was right in front of me. It was David. I owe a lot to he, and to the Elks. Organizations such as the Elks fight the most important battles: helping children and empowering families. With their help, David’s future is so bright, I get to wear shades! Thank you, Elks for being there for us.

Lodge Meeting Jackpot Drawing

Mike Miller you should have been there! Your name was called and you missed out on $346!

Something Happens Every Day

Mondays Texas Hold Em and troop 827 Meets

1st Tuesday Burgers and Bingo

2nd Tuesday Taco Tuesday and Lodge Meeting

3rd Tuesday Taco Tuesday

4th Tuesday steak Dinner and Initiation Meeting

2nd Wednesday Dancing with Lauren

3rd Wednesday Emblem Club Meets

4th Wednesday Dancing with Lauren

Thursdays Dance Lessons with Walter and Celina dad and daughter

Fridays and Saturdays are always fun

2nd Sunday Dancing with Lauren

3rd Sunday Puget Sound Jazz Society 1 to 5

4th Sunday Dancing with Lauren

Kentucky Derby Day May 3rd

Put on your race day hat and come down for a Mint Julip and watch the race. You can bet at the betting booth and there will be appetizers. 4 PM the gates will open!
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Dear fellow Ballard Elks,
As you know we are negotiating a management agreement with Jewel Hospitality regarding the downstairs event premises. As our former tenant, Apulent, LTD, abandoned the final three months of its lease, leaving more than 20 years of deferred maintenance for us to address, we anticipate repair costs of at least $150,000.

We have commenced a lawsuit against Apulent, LTD, and Joseph Roberts to recover damages for their abandonment and waste of the premises and to thereby offset our injury. The trial date is more than one year out. In the meantime, we must move forward.

Repairing and upgrading the downstairs premises is a necessary step we must take to provide a first class event space to wedding parties and other events. A number of issues downstairs must be addressed, including repairing or replacing the doors, windows, bathrooms, and floors. The largest expenditure downstairs will be to repair and renovate the floor. We have received several estimates to repair the floor, up to $76,000 (before taxes) depending on whether the existing floor can be refinished or if it needs complete replacement.

Financing for the downstairs repairs and upgrades will be in the form of a loan from our bank secured by a lien on the property.

Jewel has already confirmed many events in the downstairs so we are very encouraged with their performance thus far and we need to uphold our end by bringing the downstairs premises up to date. Furthermore, we are very close to finishing a separate lease for the downstairs kitchen with Jewel, on terms we are presently negotiating. The term of the kitchen lease is two years initially, and mirrors the management agreement.

We would like to vote on the financing arrangement at our regularly scheduled lodge meeting to be held April 22, 2014, so that we can have the floor repaired in a timely manner. Only those present at the lodge meeting are eligible to vote.

Anthony Gibbs
PER, Ballard Lodge #827

Lodge Hours

Weekdays the Social Quarters are open from 3 to close.

Weekends the Social Quarters are open from 1 to close.

Food is served from 4 to 9 Thursday Friday and Saturdays.

Sunday Morning for Breakfast 9AM to 12PM For the other days of the week there are food specials available.

Mark Your Calendars for the 1st Annual Ballard Elks Truck Show

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Softball Season is Here

Come play with the Ballard Elks Co-Ed Softball Team

Contact Jake Hall if you are interested.