The Document that Changed America

Madeline Stranzl

Monroe Doctrine

On December 1823, President James Monroe helped create the most important document, the Monroe Doctrine. This doctrine warned European countries to stay out of America. As a nation, we did not want the Europeans to come over and colonize the Western hemisphere of our country. Secretary of state, John Quincy Adams, convinced President Monroe to follow up on this doctrine because he believed it will help our nation politically, economically, and some what socially. We will stay out of European countries as well. This is a huge change in our country because before we were so involved in the European countries. It will effect us in the future. From now on we will be more of an independent nation and will focus on our government and nation instead of other countries. Its a great opportunity to improve our nation without the help from others. We are protected now, like our previous president, George Washington, said to not get involved and if we create enemies it will lead to more enemies, and if we create too many friends it will create too many enemies as well. By not being involved in other countries, our nation will not have this problem with enemies. It's a huge change for America, but sources say it's for the best for the people of our nation.