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March News from the D105 Library Team

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Library Access at your Fingertips

Each school has a library catalog that is available 24/7 to peruse and to aid you in your planning. The catalogs at each school are linked, so if a book is checked out at your school, you can see if it is available at another school. The librarians facilitate book sharing all the time. Talk to them if you need something, and it could be in your hands in as fast as one day. Almost as fast as Jimmy John's, but not quite. We're working on it. The delivery drivers go between the schools so often it might be an option to send something with them...

Spend a few minutes reading through the screenshots below to see some of the features of our library catalog. As always, talk to your librarian if you have any questions. We're here to support you!

Start Here

Bookmark this website: destiny.d105.net

You can access your school catalog here and begin to search for the materials you need. This site is also linked from each school's library webpage. Additionally, you can open the catalog from your Programs Menu, Library Search folder, choose school.

Search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, or Series

Our library catalog is very similar to a public library online catalog. You can search using different search terms to find what you need. For the following, type in your search term then press the corresponding button.

Keyword works best if you know you want to study frogs, for example, but are not sure what the library has to support your lesson. Title works best if you already know the title of the book. Search for an author's name to see what the library has written by that person. The subject search will search the subject headings in the book's record. Finally, search by series to find titles in a series.

Find Books in a Lexile Range

Click on Reading Programs, choose Lexile, and enter the range you need. If you are looking for all items we have, try searching with no other search modifiers by pressing Enter. This will search the catalog for all books in that Lexile range. To be more specific, you can add a keyword to the search to narrow your results.

Explore Books with Multiple Copies

You can search our library catalog for books with multiple copies by looking at our LEAP Collection list. The LEAP Collection is a District-wide collection of books of which we own multiple copies. There might be enough for a reading group at one school, but a class set usually requires the other schools to send over their copies. Kind of like Red Rover, Red Rover, send 10 copies right over. Remember we said the librarians facilitate this all the time. Talk to us and we can get you the copies you need. Type LEAP into a keyword search to see what books are in the LEAP Collection.

To get to the full LEAP list, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Resource Lists on the left hand side of catalog screen.
  • Next click on the Public Lists tab in top right of the catalog screen.
  • Click on the LEAP Book Collection list.
  • In this list you can sort by call number, title, author, date, type, or status.

Understand Availability

The catalog will tell you how many copies the library has and which of those copies are available for check out. If you need something that is checked out, you can see if another school has it by clicking on the Copies tab in the top right when in the record. Your librarian can get it from another school for you or put the copy on hold for you.

Assess the Materials

There is a wealth of information available in the catalog about the books in our library. Click on the title of the book to go into the record. Click on the Title Peek button under the picture of the book cover to access a book summary, character summaries, author notes, book journal reviews, and more. Title Peek is truly a one stop shop in assessing the book.

LIBRARIAN HINT: It's also a great tool to learn enough about the book to have a good conversation with a student who is reading the book if you haven't read it yet!

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Love the custom made catalog card above? Thanks to the creative powers of the Internet, you can make your own here.