Come to Indian Island!

A Vacation You'll Never Forget!

"Definitely, Indian Island was news!"


Come Visit!

This island has beautiful waves, scenery, and beaches. Being secluded from everyone else gives you a good chance to get away and take some time for yourself.

Vera Claythorne

Vera was invited to Indian Island to work as a secretary for Mrs.Owen. Vera constantly had flashbacks to the killing of a child under her care. Although she was looking forward to seeing the waters around the island, she can't help but think of the terrible crime she committed at the sight of the waves.
Come visit this island steeped with mystery and intelligence. Bask in the scenery where this mystery novel took place, and get a deeper understanding of Agatha Christie's writing! (Trailer to the film shown below)
And then There Were None Trailer 1945
Morgan Cerbone


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