Coaching Connection

Teachers collaborating so we can all grow ~ Sept. 11, 2019

What a great start to the year!

It has been an amazing opportunity to get to see so many of you in action with your students, and to have the chance to bounce ideas back and forth. The tone of this year thus far has been so positive, and I feel so energized thinking about the opportunities that are laying at our feet. A reminder that we are posting strategies, techniques, and ideas on our shared Schoology group "WSHS Best Practices/AVID Strategies." Find it by logging into your Schoology page, and choosing the "groups" tab at the top.
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STRATEGY SPOTLIGHT: Put the ownership in your students' hands by creating an organization station

Organization Stations can provide your students with many of the tools they need to be responsible for their own learning. A commonly seen feature of many of these stations is a system for students who have been absent to collect missed materials, as well as a place to submit assignments. Want the kids to keep their mitts off your favorite office supplies? How about providing them a set for student use? Whether simple and streamlined or decorative and crafty, an Organization Station can serve as one small way to encourage students to take ownership of their education.

How Do I Know If My EQ Is Strong?

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Learning Opportunities

Brown Bag Lunch Series: Focus on Newer Teaching Staff (offered both lunch waves)

Wed., Sept. 18, A or B Lunch Wave

Room 245

Round-table discussion checking in with our newer teaching staff on how the year is going, sharing successes and challenges, and supporting each other. (Note: anyone is welcome to come to this event, but the focus will be on addressing challenges for those new to the building or district.) CEUs available - register on Keep Certified.

Brown Bag Lunch Series: Note-taking and organizational strategies that work (offered both lunch waves)

Wed., Sept. 25, A or B Lunch Wave

Room 245

Consider attending this optional PD opportunity where we will talk about impactful classroom strategies that you can take back to your classroom and implement immediately. Bring your lunch and your good ideas, and join the lunchtime discussion. CEUs available - register on Keep Certified.

Do You Have A Strategy To Share?

Do you have a strategy or activity you are willing to share? Big or small, we all love those little tips, tricks, and techniques that engage students and improve everyone's experience. We would like to feature you in our next newsletter. There are amazing things happening at Winona Area Public Schools - let's share our talents and ideas for the benefit of all our students!

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