By Vedanti Kumbhar

There are diffrent types of Genres some are..................


A autobiography is when someone writes about there life.


A biography is when someone writes about someone else's life.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction takes place in the past but the book is not entirely true.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is made by the author and it might happen for real life.


A fantasy is a imaginative fiction and the setting are in a different time or world and the characters are sometimes unusual.

Science Fiction

The science fiction genre uses unreal technology and science like time travel or a parallel universe. Alot of times it also shows the result of something new.


A memoir is when a author writes about important memories in his or her life. It is from first person view.


Thriller is usaly filled with horror, suspention, tention, and exitment.


Adventure is when exiting and phisical danger is in a story.


Humor is funny and is there to make people laugh and enjoy the book.


A novel or narrative in which has love in it.