Shaping Purpose for Veterans

Find Your New Identity and Purpose After the Military

Who is it for?

A critical part of transitioning from military to civilian life is finding one’s purpose and a new identity. The Shaping Purpose

program helps CAF members and veterans identify their core gifts, passions and values, which helps them find the clarity they need to plan their way through the transition to civilian life.

By employing a highly interactive and engaging program, Shaping Purpose enables individuals to identify their Gifts (skills applicable to the civilian world), Passions (interests most crucial to their mental well-being) and their Values (personal code of honour). A Well-

Being model is incorporated into the program which addresses Prosperity, Health and Happiness. The program culminates with the creation of a Life Plan which allows participants to plan actionable steps to move forward and live a more fulfilling life.

Anyone releasing from the CAF or released in the last 3 years can participate in a FREE in-person Shaping Purpose Session, registration information is below.

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Program Layout

The Shaping Purpose program is conducted off-base in a group setting, over a four day period as well as optional mentoring sessions throughout the following year. The program outline is below:

Day 1 – Introduction to Shaping Purpose’s models and concepts;

Day 2 – Self-Discovery - Identification of core Gifts, Passions and Values (GPVs);

Day 3 – Well-Being Model – Covering the topics of prosperity, health and happiness; and

Day 4 – Life Plan creation - Strategic planning for one’s life in the months and years to come.

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Does it work?

In 2018 Dr Duncan Shields of the University of British Columbia conducted an independent research study of four Shaping Purpose sessions across Canada. There were 89 participants, ranks were LCols to Cpls and people with 5 - 35 years of service and countless different trades. The findings showed that the program was effective and also provided valuable information to policy and decision makers. Click here for Dr Shields' full report.

It's not just the Veteran transitioning

We realize that transitioning person isn't the only one affected when they leave the military which is why as part of a follow-on study funded by Veterans Affairs Canada we're encouraging transitioning individuals to attend a Shaping Purpose session with whomever is supporting them during their transition. This could be a spouse, common law, family member or friend. If you're transitioning or know someone transitioning please register for a FREE session below. Financial aid with travel and accommodations may be provided on a case by case basis.

Session Dates - Locations

Due to the impact of COVID-19 we've post-poned in person session however we're now running virtual sessions which can be much more convenient and allows veterans a greater feeling of control over their environment.

Our next sessions for military/veterans and their supporters are:

27 - 30 Jul 2020;

28 Sep - 1 Oct 2020; and

26 - 29 Oct 2020.

There will be Case Manager/Stakeholder sessions running on the following dates:

10 - 13 Aug 2020; and

23 - 26 Nov 2020.

Registration info is below.

Registration Information

Veterans and serving members and family/friends can nominate directly at the link below. Serving members will eventually need their Chain of Command to approve attendance. Please note, the CAF Transition Centre CoC are supportive of members participating in the program. Shaping Purpose can liaise with your CoC if you desire.

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