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Sark, Channel Islands

What is it? Where is it?

Sark is located 20 miles off the coast of France, St Malo. Its part of a group of islands called ‘The Channel Island’ they however close they are to France they are not French they are part of the English crown.

Sark, was the last feudal state, known. It has no cars so you have to walk or cycle everywhere. But nothing is far as the island is only 3 miles long and 1.5 miles long.

Sark Scallops

Sark consists of two main parts, Greater Sark, located at about 49° 25' N x 2° 22' W, and Little Sark to the south. They are connected by a narrow isthmus called La Coupée which is 300 feet (91 m) long and has a drop of 330 feet (100 m) on each side. Protectiver ailings were erected in 1900; before then, children would crawl across on their hands and knees to avoid being blown over the edge. There is a narrow concrete road covering the entirety of the isthmus, built in 1945 by German prisoners of war under the direction of theRoyal Engineers. Due to isolation, the inhabitants of Little Sark had their own distinct form of Sercquiais, the native Norman dialect of the island.

Sark Sheep Racing Weekend

Friday, July 18th, 7pm

Millenium Field, Sark

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How did we get it?

At night, Sark becomes a haven for star-gazers. The unpolluted velvety night sky, with thousands of bright stars visible with the naked eye, draws visitors during the winter months. In January 2011 Sark gained the distinction of being awarded International Dark-Sky Association recognition for its exceptional quality of unpolluted darkness, and became the world’s first Dark Sky Island.

In order to achieve this status, as recognized by the International Dark Sky Association, the community completely eradicated night time light pollution by placing a dusk-to-dawn ban on all street lamps, fluorescent bulbs, and other artificial light sources. Sark was already regarded as a stargazing hub - and thanks to the recent regulations, the night sky view from this tiny island is even more disarming. We spoke with two members of the Sark Astronomy Society (SAstroS) - Chief (Star Fliet Commander) Annie Dachinger and Press Secretary Jo Birch – about the overall impact these big changes have brought to the small island community.

Seigneur, what is it?

The seigneur of Sark is like the king of Sark, but have limiting powers. Due to the islands going democratic in 2008, where the islands had a election. Candidate stepped forwards, and the islander took part in the first vote. The head of the democratic government of the Isle of Sark (In the case of a woman, the title would be Dame. Many of the laws particularly those related to the inheritance and the rule of the seigneur, had little changed since they where enacted in 1565 under Queen Elizabeth I.

The seigneur of Sark lives in the Seigeurie house. Shown below.

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Old Laws

Clameur de Haro, Among the old laws of the Channel Islands is the old Norman custom of the Clameur de Haro. Using this legal device, a person can obtain immediate cessation of any action he considers to be an infringement of his rights. At the scene, he must, in front of witnesses, recite the Lord's Prayer in French and cry out "Haro, Haro, Haro! À mon aide mon Prince, on me fait tort!" ("Haro, Haro, Haro! To my aid, my Prince! I am being wronged!" It should then be registered with the Greffe Office within 24 hours. All actions against the person must then cease until the matter is heard by the Court. The last Clameur recorded on Sark was raised in June 1970 to prevent the construction of a garden wall.

Sark Folk Festival 2014

Wednesday, June 4th, 12pm

Channel Islands, Sark

After the sucsess of the last couple of years of the folk festival, it is going on again. In the 2013 festival the tickets sold out within a few days, for a normal festival that quite slow. But for Sark it was brilliant, the festival went on to be a huge sucess, with the head lining act to be Seth Lakeman.

As the years go by, more and more people know about and the the bigger and bigger it gets.

Here are a few more pictures.

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