Dr. Brown's Message

November 6, 2020

Thank You!

Thank you all for your continued patience and support as we welcome back our Plan B, PreK-3 grade students over a three-week rotation. Things are going well! Remember that on November 16, ALL preK-3 grade PLAN B students will be on campus each day as well as our beginning rotations for grade 4 and 5 students. That means a significantly increased number of students on campus, more interaction, more traffic, and a busier front office. Now more than ever we will need your support and patience. Some updates below will help us all be successful as we move forward.

Bus Attestation Forms Required

You are required to sign the Bus Rider Attestation Form linked here for your convenience. This form confirms that you understand that both you and your children must adhere to the safety guidelines and protocols for bus riders. Printable forms can be found at www.wcpss.net/busform. Please be reminded that students are NOT allowed to ride the bus until this form is completed, signed, and returned to school.

Student Accountability Form

Families are required to sign and return to school the Student Accountability and Required Health Protocol form in order to attend in-person instruction. Please use THIS LINK to review the requirements and protocols, then click the SIGNATURE PAGE box on the right side of the web page, sign the form, and send to school with students.

Student Technology

Students should bring their WCPSS-issued devices to school with them each day. If your child is bringing a personal device to school each day, you are required to complete the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) form to school (linked HERE). Spanish Version

Green Elementary does not have extra devices to provide to students and the sharing of devices is strictly prohibited.

Carpool Procedures

Beginning November 16, all Plan B K-3 cohorts will be in attendance each day. We have a rising number of students who are using carpool for arrival and dismissal each day. Please be aware of the following requirements in the carpool lane:

1. NO PASSING of vehicles is allowed in the carpool lane. The carpool lane is TWO WAY traffic and with increased numbers of students on campus comes an increase in vehicle traffic on campus. Please wait patiently in the single file lane for students to load. We will make every effort to get them out as quickly as possible. Please understand that with distancing needs we cannot congregate students into one location as we have in the past.

2. NO TURNING AROUND in the carpool lane. Again, there will be an increase in traffic and the carpool lane is TWO WAY TRAFFIC. Thank you for keeping the safety of all our first priority.

3. Pull all the way up when directed to do so. Large gaps between cars means that students have much further to walk and, therefore, carpool takes longer to load.

Virtual Academy Registration (Spring)

Registration for Virtual Academy for the spring semester will be open for elementary students December 2 - December 9. Information can be found at the website found at this LINK.

When considering whether to register your child for Virtual Academy, we want to be transparent with families about in-person instruction. Currently, given the cohort rotation model, we are successful in following the 3 Ws (wait, wash, wear a mask) and we can provide the suggested 6 ft of social distance between students.

However, with the increasing number of students returning to the building (PreK - 3 grades all cohort students + cohorts of 4th/5th grade students), please understand that this makes it increasingly difficult for us to maintain 6 ft of separation between students, and between students and staff.

Please also be reminded that the current order from the governor's office does not require social distancing, but does recommend it. The staff at Green Elementary will make every effort possible to provide as much distancing as feasible. However, we cannot guarantee 6 ft of separation at all times and in all places. Thank you for your understanding.

Please know that the safety of our children is of paramount concern to us. Thank you for your continued support and patience.


If you have a student who needs to take daily medications at school, please call our main office at 919-431-8141, and schedule a time to bring those medications to the office. Please be reminded that students are not permitted to transport medicines to and from school. This must be done by an adult.

Required forms can be found at this LINK.

Virtual Magnet Tours!

Please use the link below to help us market our magnet program to the community. If you know someone who is interested in our program, please share with them the link below.

Our virtual tour dates are also located on the school website in the top box as well as in the Magnet news section.


Principal's Advisory Council (PAC) Q&A

Notes from our November 6 PAC Meeting can be found at this LINK.