Piney Woods Ecoregion

By:Aalyssa Thomas (lacted in east texas)

5 sight seeings in piney woods

1. Stephen F. Austin mast arboretum

2. the depot museum

3. Durango's canyon event center

4. mud creek off-road park

5. Texas prison muesum

historical background & historical places

  • big thicket lumber dramatically reduced forest concentration through out piney woods in the 19th & 20th century.
  • original home for caddo Indians for 1000 years
  • caddo Indians moved to Oklahoma when threatened
  • only natural lake is the caddo lake
  • one historical place is caddoan mound which is located in north east

some of the ecoregions animals:

the 4th ecoregion out of 5

lakes,bodies of water

*Bob sandlin *Lake o' pines. *steinhagen

* Caddo *Livingston. *tole do bend

*Conroe. *martin creek. *Wright Patman

*Fork. *Monticello

*houston County. *Sam Rayburn

out door activities

  • Tyler azalea trail
  • alley fest
  • 9 flags festival
  • jasper azalea festival

national & state parks

  1. lake Houston park
  2. W. Goodrich Jones state park
  3. lake Livingston state park
  4. Huntsville state park
  5. Montgomery count preserve
  6. Sam Houston national forest
  7. Davy Crockett national park
  8. danger field national park
  9. caddo lake