Simple, yet powerful!

Create an Account

Go to to create an account. A wall can be created without an account but some of the features are not accessible. Click on the login button at the upper right corner of the page. You will then be given an option to sign up for an account. Remember, only teachers need to create an account. Students will access through a web address.

Build a Wall

Click on the yellow "Build a wall" icon. The wall will load. Along the right side you can then choose a portrait (this shows up beside the title), a title, and a description for your wall. Next, click on the wallpaper option to choose or upload a background. The privacy allows you share your wall. This is good because you can have the time to assemble the wall then make it public when you are ready.

Cool Address Feature

From the address tab, you have the option to use the address assigned to your wall or name your wall. The option to name the wall is awesome, that way students will have an easier time getting to your content. When sharing your padlet, a qr code is automatically generated!

Adding to your Wall

Click on the gear (modify wall option) and simply double click on the wall. Within your "post it", you can type, add a link, upload a file, or use a webcam to upload a photo.
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Closing Thoughts

Padlet allows teachers the option to moderate comments. This might be useful when students are responding to a discussion question and you do not want them to see the answers of others before completing their own response. Without moderation, each note will appear in a few seconds or on a page refresh.

Once a student posts, the note cannot be deleted by other students nor can it be edited. Only the teacher/owner of the wall can edit, delete, etc. The teacher can then move the notes around on the wall depending on the needs of the discussion.