We All Scream For Ice Cream!

What's the best brand of ice cream to buy?

Summer Treats

Summer is just around the corner and one of the best summer treats is ice cream. There are so many things to choose from like what flavor you want and what brand to get. My favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip, but I never know whether to get Graeter's or United Dairy Farmers (UDF). They are both so good in many ways so I decided to do a test to see which one is the best brand to buy. This helped me decide which brand of ice cream to buy.

Where to Start

The first thing you have to do is make a budget and decide on where to buy the ice cream. I wanted to spend no more than five dollars and I wanted to see if I could get both at Kroger. Graeter’s and UDF were both available at Kroger. Graeter’s was $4.99 for a pint at Kroger and UDF was $2.99 for a pint. Graeter’s just met the budget of five dollars, whereas the UDF brand left some money to spare. UDF did have the best price, but does it have the best taste and ingredients?

Taste and Ingredients

When it comes to buying ice cream, taste and ingredients are probably the most important factors. In taste, Graeter’s had a stronger mint flavor and had chunks of chocolate chips, while UDF had a slight mint flavor and tiny chocolate shreds. Also, Graeter’s was creamier and I could eat less and be more satisfied. The UDF brand was not as creamy and you had to eat a lot more to be satisfied. Graeter’s was creamier because cream was its first ingredient. UDF used skim milk, which contains a lot of water, as its first ingredient. Studies show that the first ingredient is the one that matters the most in a food product. Graeter’s ice cream used more pure ingredients than UDF such as pure cane sugar and pure peppermint oil.

And the winner is....

After testing each brand, my decision is that Graeter’s is best brand of mint chocolate chip ice cream. After ranking each brand, Graeter’s was first in two out of four of the categories and tied in one. Graeter’s won in taste, ingredients, and then tied in availability. UDF had a better price, but it wasn’t as good and when eating it you had to eat more to be satisfied. In the long run UDF would probably even out with Graeter’s in price because you would have to buy more. Graeter’s stayed within the budget, and had the best taste and ingredients. I guess you could say Graeter's is the ice cream King!

why graeter's is king

After making my decision that Graeter’s was the best, I do think it was the right choice to make. Graeter’s mint chocolate chip tasted better and used mostly pure ingredients. UDF tasted more like regular chocolate chip ice cream and used more artificial ingredients. They both were available at the same location and UDF had a better price. Though both brands were good, overall Graeter’s ice cream was my top choice.