Anthony Woodward


The geography of Japan has many mountains. Japan it consists of 3 islands Honshu,Shikoku,Kyushu. There was a earth quake called the japan earthquake in Kyushu it was the most recent. Japan is located in east Asia and expands along the Pacific Ocean. The latitude is between 46 degrees and 24 degrees north and the longitude is 123 degrees to 146 degrees east.


The history of japan consists of a feudal government. In world war 2 the us bombed them and then they bombed Pearl Harbor. During the history they had soldiers called samari they carried swards during attack. They were known for there art and pottery. There first capital was founded in 710.


In japan there was a time of feudalism. During this time the person ruling was an emperor similar to war loads controlling. The emperor was most likely religious. After a series of wars the emperor started to lose power there for they came out with the samari. Even though he could not be taken over there were people that had taken over land all over. The people controlling the areas were most likely powerful families or had something to do with the military. Even though the emperor was still there he did not have power there were things called shoguns they started to control. They were the highest in rank they had people work for them and grow crops to eat and make money these people were called peasants they were one of the lowest in cast.


Shintoism was the religion of japan also called "way of gods". The ones who believed mostly practiced rituals. It still connects present to past of japan. The shrines believed in multiple gods. Each god suited different purposes. This religion takes up almost 80% of japan to day. They practice there religion in buildings called shrines and the people who believe are called kamidana.

Current events

A current event that is happening in japan today is the electric Kyushu becomes 2nd nuclear operator to seek gov't aid. Another current event in japan is they are trying to stop the hunting of dolphins.