To Firefighters, First Responders and their Supports!

EPSD would like to recognize and thank all those who were involved with the recent fire efforts: Firefighters, First Responders, Red Cross, local businesses, support teams, and their families. The community has faced some tough challenges this fire season, and it is amazing how our community comes together to help each other.

We are grateful for those everyday heroes who came to the aid of our community fighting the fires. There are so many who travelled from all over to aid in the fight against the fires impacting Estes Park, the surrounding communities, and Colorado this season. We are also thankful for all those who provided support, help, and assistance to members impacted by the fires.

Heavy Helicopters at Work (Revised)
Click on the video above to watch a video about the air support for fighting the fires. The video discusses the science behind the fire retardant used and the method of using air support.

(Video courtesy of NWTeam 10 - Cameron Peak Fire Firenet.gov - incident 6964).

EPSD Hero Series

We would also like to acknowledge those in our own EPSD community who were either involved in the fire efforts or have family involved. We thank them for their support during this time. Stay tuned for the #EPSDHeroSeries kicking off today on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our staff and their families that take care of our community in these heroic ways.