Mrs. Coleman's Weekly News!

January 4-8!

Literacy Activities!

This week in Language Arts we worked on the terms real and imaginary. We read a fiction book called, "Farfellina and Marcel" the story of a duck and a caterpillar that are friends. The second book we focused on was a non-fiction book titled "Penguins". We created a KWL chart (what we know, what we want to know, and what we learned) before, during and after finishing the book. We will continue to use KWL charts as we read more non-fiction books in third quarter. Everyone did well participating and adding facts and questions regarding penguins. After completing the book, they did a worksheet to show, where penguins live, what they eat, what their favorite penguin is and lastly special things they can do.

Math Skills!

In Math this week we introduced coins, penny and nickel by identifying them and their value. They colored paper coins to show which were pennies, and which were nickels. Everyone put groupings together to create different totals using their coins. We used overhead coins to add different amounts using both coins together. We will continue our work with coins next week.

Food Drive!

Thank you to all that donated for the food drive. We were happy to collect a large amount of items to give to the Northern IL Food Bank. We will be visiting the food bank on January 26 where they will be given a tour and told how much their food total was abs the amount of families it will help. This week they counted, sorted, and tallied the amount of food we collected.

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