ASCA Advisory Council Meeting

Taylor Gray & Mayra Garcia

Agenda -- Fall 2015

>> Data Review >> Grant Info >> Check & Connect >> Groups >> Positive Action >> Crisis Intervention >> Behavior Intervention (extreme cases) >> Professional Development >> Questions, Celebrations & Concerns

Data from March-May 2015

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ESSC Grant

Elementary Schools were chosen based on the following:
  • Military Connected Families
  • F&R %
  • Discipline Data


  • ASCA National Model Plans -- RAMP
  • Positive Action
  • Observations/Meetings Weekly with Grant Coordinator
  • Attendance Groups
  • Community Connection -- Check & Connect
  • Parent Academies
  • Military Connected Family Outreach
  • Reduce Discipline Referrals
  • Documentation of who, what, when, where, and why of individual or group sessions.

Grant Coordinator: Gwen McLean - Her role is to be a support and an advisor.

  • Observe Positive Action & Check and Connect
  • Provide material and opportunities for more resourses
  • Meetings to ensure programs are running smoothly
  • Provide feedback
  • Advocate for more opportunities - Professional Development
  • Advisor & Mentor for some cases

Check & Connect **NEW THIS YEAR**

Mentoring program where the mentor connects with the family and the student on a regular basis. This is to improve the feeling of belonging for the student and reduce the rate of drop-out.


We will select students based on counselor referrals, dojo, observations from teacher & administration, and parent request.

Positive Action ** NEW THIS YEAR **

Curriculum purchased through the ESSC Grant. This is a proven effective program. The kits include lessons, activities, and parent lessons as well. We will incorporate this into our "guidance" specials in Kindergarten, First, and Second.

Crisis Intervention

>Channel 4 >Classroom phone >9194318140 >Cell Phones


When we are written into BIPs or IEPs we will serve the students in groups or individual counseling.

Professional Development

>> Positive Action Training

>> Parent Academies

>> Military Connected

>> Suicide Prevention

>> Suggestions: ________________________________________________________________________


Joseph Marchiando (Admin) ________________________________________

Lauren Herndon (Teacher) __________________________________________

Christianne Richardson (Parent) ____________________________________

Mayra Garcia (Counselor) ___________________________________________

Taylor Gray (Counselor) _____________________________________________