Parent Teacher Conferences

January 18th to 29th


Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place at Coyote Creek from Monday, January 18th to Friday, January 29th. Please phone the office to make an appointment with your child's teacher or any other member of our teaching staff (LST, Music, etc)

Teaching staff will be staying until 6:00 p.m. on the early dismissal day (Wednesday January 20th) for interviews.

We are blocking off a two week period for interviews this year in an effort to meet with as many parents as possible. If this time is not convenient for you, please contact your child's teacher to set up a mutually agreeable time to discuss your child's progress.

Things to remember before the Conference about Fresh Grade

  • Please log into your child's Fresh Grade account before meeting with your child's teacher
  • The conference is a good opportunity to discuss any questions/concerns/technical issues you have about the Fresh Grade Reporting Program
  • Please ask about what comments you can post on Fresh Grade to support your child's progress
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Effective parent-teacher conferences

Communication and cooperation between the home and the school are key ingredients to your child’s success. Whether exchanging information or identifying and solving common concerns, parent‐teacher conferences can be valuable learning experiences.

Parent-teacher conferences:

build a cooperative working relationship with:

  • your child’s teacher,

  • enable you and your child’s teacher to exchange pertinent information about your child;

  • when necessary, establish a plan of action for resolving concerns.

    Before the conference:

  1. Prepare your agenda. Talk with your child and

    decide on questions or concerns you wish to discuss with the teacher.

  2. Consider relevant information you wish to convey to the teacher about your child. This information will help the teacher understand your child better.

  3. Decide on an order of priority in case time becomes an issue.

  4. If applicable, arrange for a baby‐sitter so that both parents are able to attend the conference.

During the conference:

  1. Take some notes. Write down the teacher’s

    answers to your pertinent questions.

  2. Record the plan of action which has been agreed upon.

  3. Discuss roles and responsibilities for the teacher, your child, and yourself.

After the conference:

  1. Discuss the key points of the conference

    with your child.

  2. Start immediately on the plan of action which was agreed upon at the conference. The sooner the action plan is implemented, the sooner you should see positive results.

  3. If you find that you are unable to continue with any part of your plan for whatever reason, contact the teacher to discuss possible alternatives.

Helpful Hints

  • Confirm your appointment.

  • Be positive! Remember you are both working

    towards the same goal.

  • Highlight the child’s strengths. We all have

    weaknesses, but we build from our strengths.

  • Recognize what is working.

  • Be clear about your objective(s) for the conference

    at the beginning. For example “I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my daughter’s progress in Math.”

  • Provide specific examples when explaining a point. This prevents misunderstanding and substantiates your ideas.

  • Listen carefully. Be prepared to acknowledge each other’s points of view.

  • Be objective. It is important to stay focused on the student.

  • Stick to the agenda. Bringing up other problems can cloud the issue. It is far better to focus on one concern than to superficially touch on many.