Team Hootiepatootie

Goodbye July... Hello August!

Fall 2014!

Whooooo's ready??

August has already started off with a bang, with the start of our new fall products and toms! With convention goers getting first peek at new product (a new perk.. Plan to go next year!). I have to say... I just received my goodies today and I could not be MORE excited about what this is going to do for our business! There are so many new customer groups we can focus on, so many new avenues! Here are just a few of my favorite things:

The {NEW} leather wrap bracelet....ahhhhh...this is truly AMAZING! Now I am a major fan of wrap bracelets, but this one takes the cake. It's construction is amazing, it looks as if it will hold up really well. The way it attaches to the locket, is so sophisticated and fancy and cute! LOVE this one. Definitely a favorite.

The {NEW} lanyard locket! This is a game changer. This is going to give you so many ins that you never had before. Nurses, teachers, retail workers, airline counter workers, etc. Anyone that wears a lanyard to work (there are TONS) can benefit from this. Maybe they didn't buy a locket before because they can't wear it to work with their lanyard, maybe they aren't allowed and maybe it gets tangled. We have the solution! We have toe versions of the lanyard coming out, the first being the already popular lanyard locket and the second being the eternity lanyard (no locket, but still just as beautiful!) Both are great options and still gives even that new group of people great options.

And my third favorite is the {NEW} Core Collection. If you went to convention, you got the gold core bangle with a few super cute dangles (mementos, whatever you wanna call them). These are amazing. The dangles are super cute, and little, and adorable. The affirmation notes for the necklace chains and the giraffe and the Cassiopeia! I absolutely LOVE this line and I think it will tap into another customer base that maybe we missed out on before. Not only do we have the bangles that the cute little dangles and notes and mementos can go on, but you can also just pair them with a dainty chain and you are good to go! This is for someone that maybe is a little more spiritual, likes jewelry with deep meaning, whatever it may be. These are amazing.

Can you wait any longer? Are you SO excited for fall? Every year I am excited to see all the new product and think immediately who I will show and who will love the new items, well this year my list is LONG! People that maybe bought a locket or said they would but didn't, or didn't want one at all are now back on my list. These new products are going to take us far. Doesn't mean you don't have to work for it, because you do. If you want it to be a job and make you money like a job, then treat it like one. These products will definitely set us apart and they could totally change your holiday season, just work it! :)

Special news...

Be all in. Not just for fall, always! :)

Be all in. Give it all you've got. If you fail, oh well. Get up again. This is not a race, it's a journey. And it's one heck of a journey if you let it be. When I started this business, it wasn't easy. I was all in from the beginning. I loved this com pay for what it stood for, for who it was, for what it was doing for designers and customers alike. That has never changed. I absolutely think anyone can be where I am, because I never thought. I would be here. When you love what you do, it never feels like a job. I don't dread going to work everyday, I don't have to listen to others tell me what to do, and I change lives every single day.

What is holding you back?

If it's booking parties, stop doing what you are doing. It's not working. I always tell people, don't rely on the 3 f's: family, friends or Facebook. That is where it's easiest to ask for help, where you feel most comfortable. Well that only works for so long, if at all. Once you get out of your box (I know it's hard, it is hard for me too!), you will find a whole new group of "friends". And there may always be those few friends or family members that want to do parties, but don't rely on it. That can be a bonus. Go to the bank, hand out your cards/catalogs. Tell our story, tell YOUR story. Don't just leave catalogs everywhere, talk to the receptionist. They have down time and guess what they could be looking at when they do?? What about the coffee stand around the corner, your kids school, your job, your favorite restaurant, wherever! It's easy to leave things and hope that someone will pick them up. To tell you the truth, it's not very often that it happens, or atleast not to most people. When you verbally interact with someone you can explain the product, the story, the concept behind our jewelry. When you get them thinking about their story or their family and friends stories, you have won. Thinking outside of the box, or out of your FFF box will help you win. I promise!

This fall we are introducing TONS of new product, over 300, our biggest yet! Don't let this holiday pass you by. Work it, hard. And you will see results!

Now for a little recognition before we go! Our team sales were $283523.30!!

Here are last months TOP in sales ($500+PV)!

Way to go!!

Mindy Giambalvo

Molly Moore

Darlene Giol

Cecilia Larry

Lillian Martinez

Danyelle Templeton

Libby Johnson

Kelly Luckie

Paige Beauchamp

Megan Sportsman

Stormy Sladaritz

Melissa Monn

Mamie Miller

Krystal Dover

Rhiannon Foster

Ashley Lee

Lenette Serlo

Tina Ambrose

Heidi Calvert

Jill Snowden

Nidia Guerrero

Stacey Fox

Kelly Cromer

Aknelys Rojas

Jennifer Hannum

Shannon Summers

Casey Brooks

Robin Kaufman

Abbey Clark

Luz Angela Miller

Becky Peterson

Susan Pink

Minerva Mendoza

Francesca Pappagallo

Barbara Knutson

Anais Barrera

Gabriela Tameron

Maria Lopez

Emily Ingemansen

Celeste Tripician

Lindsey Jarzombek

Terra Roth

Mary Piña

Michelle McCain

Sarah Pieratt

Faye Winterholler

Maria Camposano

Denise Cox

Sara Jauregui

Mari Lopez

Ashley Rodriguez

Amanda White

Carrie Wilson

Darleen LaPaglia

Estela Zavala

Jenny Zambrano

Carolina Garcia

Sarah Begley

Lupe Diaz

Stephanie Blaine

Teresa Way

Amy Smith

Brittany Nortmann & Tonya Pullicn

Lorraine Maddux

Meivys Reyes

Kay Dilks

Mary Ellen Figuray

Crystal Ayala

Jennifer Denesha

Becky Fraga

Rebecca Rudisill

Carolyn Maykut

Jaqueline Perez

Toni Adler

Emily Thompson

Mary Sheryll Villanueva

Tequesta James

Eyimar Henriquez

Melanie Haines

Beatriz Jackson

Veronica Navarro

Michelle Tufino

Katie Elfarnawany

Michelle Smith

Dusty Byers

Amanda Tessoff

Holly Vickers

Lourdes Valido

Erika De Cardenas

Yajaira Molina

Saily Martinez

Jocelyn Fraser

Michelle Platz

Monica Suarez

Jena Danner

Vicky Garcia

Erin Kale

Diana Salin

MeLisa Dokos

April Rodgers

Cassandra Ledezma

Lauren Davis

Dawn Carden

Joy Bride

Karina Parra

Raquel Kieper

Laurie Lewandowski

Anielka Barrios

Carissa Dominguez

LaDonna Boldt

Lynette Oliver

Suzanne Saylor

Gabriella Osso

Jamie Whitlatch

Jeanette Rominger

Alicia May

Ximena Aristizabal

Denise Ramos

Nancy Salcido


Michelle Bawan

Amy Howard

Cynthia Holtz

Eleana Cabrera

Abednerys Abad

Raul Ramirez

Julia Ancell

Elizabeth Gannon

Lorelle Silberberg

Amber VanLoo

Kristen McCauley

Dorinda Aviles

Emily Galan

Renee Blanchard

Adamaris Martinez

Sonia Alvarez

Nikki Monari

Debora Nieto

Nina Ryu

Jennifer Williams

Marisol Casais

Angelica Gonzalez

Theresa Scott

Norma Salinas

Arlene Bjugstad

Victor Flores

Sheila Punzalan

Janet Carballo

Courtney Williams

Christina Robertson

Katie Baca

Tracy Wolfe

Carmela Morello

Samantha Perez

Shauna Janssen

Maria Bruno

Abigail Jimenez

Jennifer Galloway

Alba Saenz

Jennifer Coppola

Lisa Almanza

Cristina Anderson

Sandy Rousseau

Kendra Mendez

Heather Hartensteiner

Barbara Isiminger

Kristi Blanson

Licia/Iicia Guifarro

Dusty Duncan

And SPECIAL CONGRATS to Nina Ryu for having a PV of11344.50 in July! Wow!!! Just wow. Amazing. Many people were over $500pv and the list went in no particular order!! So proud of all of you! August is going to be amazing!!

Love you all!!

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