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Ultrasound Technician Opportunities

A new health sciences building, the Center for Health Professions. All new labs, and all new energized digital equipment is available for students to practice on machines that are found in modern imaging centers today. OIT has the most extensive offering of medical imaging programs, and the finest equipped imaging laboratories of any educational facility in the United States. Students also rotate though clinical observations practiced .

Degrees/Certificates required

An associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree is given during the medical training. In addition to on campus options, you also have the ability to choose from online ultrasound tech schools to complete your desired degree. Each degree will train you for similar but different career paths. The higher the ultrasound technician education you receive, the more responsibility you may have within your job and most likely the more pay you will receive.

Available Community volunteer work / how it benefits the future.

Get a sense of the sonography career with job shadowing or volunteering at a healthcare facility. ... ways to see a sonographer in action to better understand the job requirements.

Having the experience on your resume will look better as a professional.

Ultrasound Technician Information

OIT is where i wanna be !