Changing Careers

Wal-Mart Cashier

Going from the cash register to better opportunities

Considering a change: Is the job I am at what I am really wanting to do as a career?

Are there better jobs out there? Do I like my co-workers? These are all questions someone may ask their self at the current job to consider quitting to find something different.

I will need to secure enough money in the bank to insure I have money to live on while I am looking for my next job.

I will need to make sure that I let my employee know in advancement of my plan to leave the job.

Make the change: I will need to take the idea and make it happen. When it comes down to when I need to make my move that I have planned to do.

Starting new opportunities: Once I have went though with departing my old job I need to dedicate most of my time to searching for a new job or career and make the best of my time off to secure a more successful.

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