Personal Profile 2016-17

Kristin Wolff

Kristin Wolff

Welcome to my ePortfolio!

I am so happy to have completed my second year with GAVS, and to be teaching my 5th semester in summer school this summer.

This spring, I had wonderful students, who were a pleasure to work with. They knew that I had high expectations for them, but they rose to the challenge, and most students were very successful, and left the class with a true sense of accomplishment and pride.

The virtual setting allows me to accomplish so much more, because I can use the time saved from class management issues for creating curriculum, and helping student achieve their learning goals through differentiation and remediation.

I am also a huge fan of Smores, which I have used for ELOs, Lessons, Projects, and entire Unit Plans. It has been incredibly helpful in curriculum building - I have even used Smores to explain how to create a virtual project for GAVS for the students.

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GAVS Teaching Experience


Adjunct Instructor


Language Arts

Classes Taught

Summer 2017:

SAT Prep - English

American Lit/Comp-B

Spring 2017:

American Lit/Comp-A

American Lit/Comp-B

American Lit/Comp-AB

Fall 2016:

American Lit/Comp-A

Spring 2016:

American Lit/Comp - B

Fall 2015:

American Lit/Comp - A

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Teaching Philosophy and Goals

My Teaching Philosophy:

My inspiration to a career in education was typical - I had a few of those memorable teachers who inspired passion and creativity in everything we learned. But I remember being 18, and thinking there was no way I could graduate from college, and stand in front of a class four years later, teaching kids who were almost my age.

So I took a diversion, and entered the corporate world, first, working in journalism, advertising, and politics. By my late 20s, however, I felt the need to get back to education, and went to graduate school for English. I now have 11 years of experience in a face-to-face classroom. But with the birth of my two daughters, I took a hiatus. With the help and inspiration of a friend, I was inspired to apply for an online teaching job with GAVS.

When a few friends approached me about teaching online, I was at first skeptical as to my ability to use virtual tools to teach an English course. After completing TOOL, along with the New Teacher Orientation Course, I was surprised as to how much we as mentees were able to achieve within a few months, as well as how much I truly enjoyed the entire experience.

I have always loved to learn new things, and I have enjoyed every subject that I've ever learned. I guess that sort of makes me a "school junkie." The true reward, however, is using your skills as an educator, as well as virtual tools, to help others learn, and feel a sense of satisfaction and pride in their success.

As a former brick-and-mortar educator, I have been able to glean my curriculum and management skills learned through this experience and apply them to a new and exciting career as a GAVS educator. Virtual education allows students to devote time to their subjects when they are able, which allows them to become more fully vested in the learning process. The best part about teaching online is that students who were once silent in face-to-face classrooms now have a voice.

Personal Goal for GAVS:

My goal is to continue to develop the skills to become an effective online educator, and always be open to trying new virtual tools and methods of teaching online. Within the next year, my hope is to become a Part-Time GAVS Instructor. I am committed to a career as an online instructor, and look forward to the opportunity to one day work full-time for GAVS.