Game Changers

By: Mike Lupica

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Ben McBain and his core four just won their foot ball season with an amazing win. Now its time for their Bsketball season. Ben is the best point guard in the league but their rival team has a new kid.. he is also a point guard one of the best. His name is Chase Braggs. The two teams start their season off against each other. Bens team loses. Ben works so hard to become better than Chase and he ends up getting his best friend/best big hurt. Chase starts to steal Bens GF. But Ben stops that and they play against each other for the 2nd time this time Ben stops Chase but they still end up losing by one. Ben has one more chance to beat Braggs.. can Ben do it or will he "Choke" again?

Conflict Type

Man V.S Man

Ben is fighting against Chase Braggs to become the best point guard in the league again.. and also for Lilly.

Main Characters


-Unknown Author -

"There are plenty of obstacles in your path. Dont allow yourself to become one of them."

Quote Conflict

"Glad you guys have Sam back.. Now you guys dont have an excuse when we kill your team." PG 184

Theme of story

Hard Work


Basketball courts - the basketball courts were Entertaining, exiting, and Heated
Hall Of Fame - The Script feat. (Lyrics)