Cell Division

Franki Averona

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Prophase is a stage of mitosis in which the chromatin condenses into double rod-shaped structures called chromosomes in which the chromatin becomes visible.

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Metaphase is a stage of mitosis in the eukaryotic cell cycle in which condensed and highly coiled chromosomes, carrying genetic information, align in the middle of the cell before being separated into each of the two daughter cells.

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Anaphase is the stage of mitosis or meiosis when chromosomes are split and the sister chromatids move to opposite poles of the cell.

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Interphase is the phase of the cell cycle in which the cell spends the majority of its time and performs the majority of its purposes including preparation for cell division.

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Telophase is the final stage in both meiosis and mitosis in a eukaryotic cell.

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Cell Cycle

Part One: Cellular Division

M Phase: Division of the nucleus

Cytokinesis: Division of the cytoplasm

Part Two: Interphase

G1 Phase: Offspring cells reach maturity (growing point)

S Phase: DNA and chromosomes are copied/replicated

G Phase: Cells wait to divide

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prophase I- centromeres align and spindles attach to chromosomes, crossing over occurs
metaphase I- chromosome tetrad line up in center of cell
anaphase I- chromosome pairs separate and move to poles of cell
telophase- cleavage furrow forms, spindles disappear
cytokinesis I- cell splits into diploid cells
prophase II- centromeres align again, spindles attach to chromosome
metaphase II- chromosome align in center
anaphase II- chromatids split apart and move to poles of cell
telophase II- individual chromatids move away from each other, nuclear envelope appears
cytokinesis II- each cell splits into 2, leaving the result as 4 haploid gametes

Cellular Division Quiz

1. Cellular Division has how many steps?

2. Most of the life of a cell is spent growing up and doing what?

3. That phase in the cell cycle is called what?

4. Humans how many chromosomes? or how many pairs?

5. What are the five steps in mitosis?

6 Cells grow with materials produced from within the cell, using specialized structures called?

7. Before cell division takes place, the entire genome (the genetic material) has been what?

8. What is Cell Division?

9. Mitosis is the process by which new cells are?

10. Meiosis is the process by which gametes are generated for what?