Consumer Science

What i want to do

I want to be an Architect

Since whenever i was little I've always known I wanted to be an architect.

What do they do?

An architect plans and designs structures, such as private residences, office buildings, theaters, factories, and other structural property.

How much do they make?

There annual salary us about $74,000 (although is Beaumont, Texas it’s about $116,000)

What degree do you need to be hired?

Most of the time you need at least your Bachelor’s Degree to be hired. Although i would rather work for myself, that’s not always an option.

What is there day to day tasks?

There daily work can vary, they can meet with clients, estimate the cost for the materials, Prepare documents, and all sorts of things.

Whats the job outlook and some other benefits?

The job outlook is greater than average at 17%, the pay is well and rising, and it also provides great business opportunities.

What degree do you want to get and where?

When i was thinking of where i wanted to get my degree i also thought of some other degrees i want to get as well. To go along with my architectural degree i would like to get degrees in structural engineering, international business, tourism, and whatever else sounds interesting to me. And although i want to go to a lot of different schools for each degree like Harvard, M.I.T, & Oxford. I picked out my top 3 to share some information about.

Number One - Stanford University


Stanford University cost about $64,000 a year. Thats in clouding all of my expenses, tuition, books, housing, and meals.

Do they offer scholarships/loans?

They do offer some scholarship and loans you can apply for.

What does it take to apply and be accepted?

To apply it cost $90 and requires an SAT/ACT score of at least 2000, a high school GPA of 3.8, AP courses, and you have to write and essay.

Number Two - Baylor University


The total cost of Baylor would be about $50,000 a year.

Do they offer scholarships/loans?

Yes, you can apply you scholarship and loans.

What does it take to apply and be accepted?

The application requires a SAT/ACT score of at least 600 and a high school GPA of 3.5, AP courses and an essay.

Addition Information

Even though Baylor is my favorite school EVER its not my first pick because i feel like Stanford has a better program for what i need. But that doesn't mean i cant go here for business! (which there building a new building for right now by the way)

Number Three - Cooper Union


The total cost will be about $58,000.

Do they offer Scholarships/Loans?

Yes, they do offer scholarships and loans!

What does it take to be accepted?

The application process is very different than your average college app. Instead of looking at your SAT/ACT scores and GPA they ask for a portfolio of your work to see if your creative and imaginative. They don't care what your grades say about you, cause theres a lot of people that are smart and creative but don't have good grades.

Additional Information

This school is very hard to get in to and it used to be free cause of all the donors but i guess they quite that...