Welcome to The Best Nest

Your NEW DESIGNER "To Do" List!

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Are you ready to start? Are you ready for SUCCESS?

We are so happy you have decided to take the step to join Origami Owl, and our team, The Best Nest. There are many, many things you can do to get going and TONS of resources out there, but we believe that if you KEEP IT SIMPLE when you start, you are going to have the best level of success with your business.

Truth be told, this is not rocket science, and if you are a smarty pants (and we know you are) then you're going to want to CUT YOUR LEARNING CURVE and take note from those Designers who have come before you!

Here's the deal...if you do NOTHING besides the NEW DESIGNER CHECKLIST, read the Policies and Procedures (P&Ps as we call them), and book your launch party, you'll be on the path to GREATNESS! :) (You'll want to know the too...because you can get some great BONUSES just for starting your business!)

What can you expect now? Your STARTER KIT will be on your front porch in about a week.

Want to know what's in it? Watch this VIDEO starring our own founder, Chrissy Weems! CLICK HERE

We know you're probably ready to ROCK AND ROLL, so while you wait for that fabulous kit to arrive, we have a list of 15 things you can work on to SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS!

When you have the right foundation, you are DESTINED for success! When you take the time and put your energy into a POSTIVE, ORGANIZED INTENTION...that intention becomes your REALITY! Let's do it right!!

Be sure to call your MAGNIFICENT MENTOR if you have any questions along the way!

Welcome to to the team and welcome to this great journey!



Beth Blemaster, Senior Director

Origami Owl Independent Designer

Team Leader, "The Best Nest"


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#1 Connect with your TEAM!

The Best Nest has incredible leaders, if we do say so ourselves! Our TEAM MOTTO is to LEAD FROM ABUNDANCE, so you will find no shortage of help as you move on your journey!

Whether you choose a mentor who is across the country, or right next door (mine lives two doors away from ME--but most of my personally sponsored Designers live in other states), you will quickly see that our team will help guide and connect with you regardless of who you chose to work ONE-ON-ONE with as your mentor.

Be sure you are connecting with your MENTOR and OUR TEAM on The Best Nest's TEAM FACEBOOK PAGE, our DIRECT TO CORPORATE Team Facebook Page (Team Believe), and OUR TEAM WEBSITE! You can post questions and see table displays...get ideas for organizing your business and {of course} watch videos to get yourself in the LOOP on all things O2!


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#2 Start Your contact list ASAP!

Do not Delay!!! Make a list of all the people you know. Start with who you see every day, check your FB page, go through an old address book, think of family, friends from high school (go through a yearbook) and college, people you have worked with and branch out from there. You will be surprised how quickly the list will grow.

When I first signed up, I set out to write down 100 people I knew. My list was three columns: Hostess or Leads (people who know lots of people and are very social) / Sales (peeps who like to shop) / Team Leader (possible new Designers for my team). DO NOT skip putting someone you know on the list! Even if THEY wouldn’t throw a party or sell for you, they may be able to REFER YOU to your next big Designer, Hostess or Team Leader!

Use the Whooo Do You Know document to make your list.

**A BIG key to this task is to not leave ANYONE off the list.** I have heard this time and time again from very successful salespeople. Don’t pretend to know everyone’s life story right at this moment. That can be a COSTLY mistake. You never know who may be your next big superstar!


#3 Designate a Workspace!

This does not need to be GRAND or ELABORATE {but we say, GO FOR IT if you want to}.

The SUPER IMPORTANT PART is that you have an area that is all your own where you can keep all your O2 things together and "go to work".

When you set aside an area that is for YOUR BUSINESS, you are making a mental commitment to the company as well as letting everyone around you know that you are serious about your JOURNEY with Origami Owl!

Office MINIMUMS: A computer with internet, a printer, place to file sales receipts, a locket building area and a calendar!


#4 Order your business cards

YAY! You're OFFICIAL!! You have your ecommerce site chosen, your new business email and your voicemail says, "Hello, It's me...an Independent Designer with Origami Owl...and I would LOVE to help you host a party or get you some of the most beautiful keepsake jewelry available today!"

Now, you need business cards that will remind people YOU ARE THE LOCKET LADY in town! Flyers Direct is the partner company to corporate for the most beautiful business cards available for Origami Owl!

Be sure you pick something that shows the lockets, so people know WHAT you sell! {If a customer picks up a dozen business cards at an event, you want them to remember what ORIGAMI OWL is!}

Click Here to order your Business Cards


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#5 Set up your Voicemail & Business Email

Yep, the phone is going to ring! Yep, you will be sending out emails about your new business to prospective customers and Hostesses! Better be ready with an AWESOME EMAIL and Cheerful Voicemail Message!

When you have a designated email address just for your Origami Owl business, it tells everyone you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

When someone calls {even if they are NOT Origami Owl related} your NEW TITLE of "Independent Designer with Origami Owl" on your voicemail is going to spark some conversations about your new endeavor, isn't it?!

Commit! Remember what we said about INTENTION! When you let everyone know it is your INTENTION to be the LOCKET LADY in town, that is who you will become! : )

{Be sure to follow the P&P Guidelines for setting up an email! No proprietary terms like bethlovesorigamiowl@gmail.com or bethsellsO2@gmail.com bethslivinglockets@gmail.com}


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#6 Open Checking and Savings Accounts JUST for your business!

Don't wait for this step thinking you're going to do it later. Do this now, now, now {did we say NOW?}! Good.

Look for a personal account with minimal fees (some banks will tack on a monthly fee just because it's "business") and get a debit card with it. This makes for MUCH EASIER tracking and accounting at the end of the year when you're trying to do taxes!

This is the account where you can deposit customer checks, commissions from corporate, and link your SquareUp, PayAnywhere or other mobile cash register account.

{See #5 for more on those!}

I like to have a Saving account where I can immediately take out a percent for TAXES {Ya' mean I can't keep it all? No.}. You do not want to get socked with a big bill for taxes at the end of the year, so be a good book keeper and take it out RIGHT AWAY!!


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#7 Plan your launch party! {Do this in the first 30 days!}

You will accelerate your success when you get started in the first 30 days of joining the company, so let's dive right in!

Get an invite out to your friends and family now, now, now. Tell them you have started a new business and you’d like them to come to a Jewlery Bar to see what it's all about!

Pick a day (and a 3-­‐4 hour window of time) to have light appetizers and to see what your new business. Make it low pressure. The Lockets will sell themselves!


Have lots of friends who have different schedules? NO PROBLEM! You can plan to do a 2-3-2 Event! {2 days - 3 times - 2 hours each} You send out invites ONCE, clean your house ONCE, make reminder calls ONCE, and have THREE JEWELRY BARS.


Find your top 3 people who can be your first THREE JEWELRY BAR HOSTESSES!

Be sure to visit our team website under the Team Documents Tab

USERNAME: thebestnest

PASSWORD: donotgiveoutthispassword1

Get your Hostesses the documents that will help them (with your guidance and the Hostess Folder--which you buy in your back office) to reach SUCCESS and FREE JEWELRY!


#8 Mobile Credit Card Processing

We take cash, credit and checks {well, maybe checks...a debit card might be better--just sayin'}!

Start doing research on using a mobile credit processing service. There are many out there. PayAnywhere, Paypal, SquareUp, Intuit...the list goes on and on. The GREAT THING IS, you can run someone's card AT AN EVENT, have it go right into your business account (most take 24 hours to deposit), then turn around and order the product in your back office using YOUR DEBIT CARD linked to that same account. You're never out of pocket on your purchases!

All the readers I am aware of are available for FREE when you register your account {they send you the reader}.

Remember that you will pay a service fee of about 2.5% - 3% depending on the company, so research well and decide if this is something that is important to your business or not. It's a CONVENIENCE, not a NECESSITY.

The other very cool feature of having one of these processors is that it's AN APP on your smartphone or your ipad {both business write offs}, you can categorize your inventory for faster processing, AND you are able to EMAIL a receipt!

{Remember you MUST give them a copy of the ORDER FORM for legal reasons, but keep that Email for your GROWING DATABASE! BOOM! We LOVE that!}


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#9 Set Your Schedule for SUCCESS!

We LOVE this little form that is available in your back office, but since we know how AMAZING this is, we're going to give it to you now!


"The Perfect Week" is your weekly schedule that is going to tell you how much time you TRULY have to dedicate to this business. Print it out and start by blocking off the areas where you have things already scheduled...SLEEP, Family commitments, Kid commitments, Trips to the Gym, Grocery shopping, or other job {if you have one}.

Once your commitments are blocked off, you will clearly see what's left for you to work with. Then you decide how much time you want to commit to Origami Owl. When will you schedule Jewelry Bars (two specific days a week seem to work best for most Designers). When will you make phone calls and share your business? Give yourself a few hours a week to update your Facebook page {we HIGHLY SUGGEST you schedule your time for this, or you could be on all day}!

Stick to it just as if you were working for someone else! Oh! And be SURE to let everyone around you know too, so everyone respects your "business hours".


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#10 Social Media

Since we just mentioned Facebook, it's probably a good time to chat about other social media outlets for your business.

We would be remiss if we didn't say that PERSONAL COMMUNICATION with REAL PEOPLE {not avitars} will get more JEWELRY BARS BOOKED. No two ways about it.

But! These can be GREAT outlets for you to show off your new business and to ADVERTISE FOR FREE amongst your own groups and even some new ones!

We DO want you to be on everyone's radar...so you may want to consider a business Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+ account to reflect your new business! Facebook can be a GREAT PLACE to share imagery, ideas & information. Be sure you follow the P&Ps TO THE LETTER about Social Media, because we don't want you doing a lot of work and then have compliance come along and BOP you on the head.

Start gathering images that you love and you want to share! (Origami Owl Living Lockets Facebook page and their Instagram page are great resources for gorgeous pics!)

Create a Printerest profile and start pinning lockets that you love, party ideas, jewelry displays, cute O2 BLUE shoes, or anything else that mirrors YOU!

If you choose to use Social Media, please follow the 10% marketing rule (maybe 20% because we are so fabulous), where you only "SELL" 10%-20% of the time {so people don't get sick of you}. Use the other 80-%-90% to put fun pictures or motivational quotes or even fashion photos you find {you want to post things that your friends and family will LIKE}!


#11 Wear YOUR locket everyday! {Build your database!}

This may seem pretty obvious because if you're wearing one already, you KNOW how often you get asked about it. {Don't have a locket yet? Ask your mentor to order one for you at her discounted rate until you get your kit!}

Now when someone compliments you, you can say, "Thank you! I know how you can get one FOR FREE!" Be sure you get HER contact info (don't give her yours and expect her to call). You can say, "I'm out of business cards...what's your email and I'll send you the Hostess info. No pressure."


#12 Start Planning your Display Table(s)

Will you start with an intimate launch party at your sister's house? Or will you blow it out at an Expo? Maybe something in-between? Regardless, this is something that is GREAT to do while you're waiting!

OUR COLORS ARE WHITE, TURQUOISE AND LINEN! {Yes, we know there are people who use other colors {and black}, but that is NOT our company brand and corporate will tell you we are White, Turquoise and Linen. Don't argue with me about it. If you want to be recognized as Origami Owl, then ROLL like Origami Owl. The end.}


You can create a gorgeous display by watching for coupons when you're buying table fabric (yes you may order tablecloth from your back office when you're official), Hobby Lobby has lots of deals, we've spotted white owls at Home Goods, Marshalls and TJ MAXX too. Here is a short list of what you can start shopping for!

LINEN Jewelry Busts--no crazy colors and no black please

Table Cloths

Clip Boards

White Ceramic Owl (ONE OR TWO is all you need, and YES you can purchase in back office)

Chain Display

Price Sheet Display (Ikea is great for this, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joanne Etc)

WHITE Frame for your "Origami Owl" sign

Tables (Sam's Club sometimes has fold-able 8-foot card tables for $50)

You will get a TON of ideas if you ask the other Designers on our team Facebook page!


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#13 Start Looking for EVENTS in your area

There are an ABUNDANCE of events in EVERY area {some rural ladies may have to drive a little}. Think about all the things that you and your friends and family do to entertain yourselves! There are concerts in the park, craft shows, sports tournaments, girl's events and of course, the BIG expos.

USE GOOGLE to find them. USE YOUR CONTACTS TO FIND THEM! CALL the cities and towns {parks & rec offices usually know what's happening} near you to find them. ASK your friends and family what events they have been to in the last 6-12 months.

Many shows are going to be CHEAP too. Just because they are bigger, does not mean they are better. Talk with your MENTOR to figure out if the events have the right stuff.

ALSO, watch our training video, "To do or not to do and event or expo!" We asked some of the TOP LEADERS in this company what criteria they use to find events.


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#14 Tell your PEEPS about this opportunity.


Please, oh please, share with your friends and family that you are an Origami Owl Representative. I cannot tell you how many Designers say how thankful they are that someone shared O2 with them. This is an amazing opportunity and why WOULDN'T you want your friends and family to benefit from it like you can?

"But Beth, I'm not sure about the company yet, I want to try it out first." NO! Ask me to put you in touch with a few of our LEADERS who would have been LEADERS SOONER had they just put it out there in the beginning! {I mean it. If that's what you're thought process is, we need to get you talking to some of our people--STAT!}

Don't wait until your kit arrives! Start sharing and building your team NOW!

Give them your designer site and your mentor number!


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In the words of one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever, “Just do it!”

DO NOT fool yourself into thinking you need to know it all in order to start your business! You run the risk of ANALYSIS PARALYSIS (being entirely over-educated with zero experience).

The best business people in the WORLD make mistakes and that is OK.

Let me put it this way: You CANNOT have an income producing business if you do not do things that produce income. The ONLY way to MAKE MONEY is to JUST DO IT!!!


Beth and all of the amazing leaders who are mentoring you on your journey!