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Brief History of Bvlgari

Bulgari, a 130 years of legendary Italian jewelry and luxury goods company was founded by Mr. Sotirios Bulgari (1857–1932) in 1884 in Rome. With passionate skill and vision, he set the state for Bvlgari to become a permanent emblem of Italian excellence. The beautiful creations and audacious designed jewels was soon recognized by the high-society for their powerful opulence , rich colors, sense of volume and purity of form. In 1950's and 1960's the brand had caught attention of world elite that featured names as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton once said that Elizabeth knew only one Italian word, that is "BVLGARI". In 1970's Bvlgari opened stores in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Paris. 1977 the now-iconic time piece - Bvlgari Bvlgari - was launched. Today Bvlgari own its Jewelry-making Atelier in Italy and watchmaking Atelier in Switzerland. Although the company made a name for itself with fine jewelry, today it is a global diversified luxury brand that produces and markets several product lines including high fashion designer fine jewelries, watches, fragrances, leather goods, accessories, international luxury hotels and resorts. In 2011 Bvlgari joined forces with the luxury group LVMH to carry on its glorious heritage to continue the journey of exceptional quality, innovative style, impeccable craftsmanship and services.

Examples of BVLGARI Product

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Serpenti - The collection that forms a bridge between Bvlgaris heritage and contemporary design

BVLGARI Eternal Promise - The Movie

Eternal Promise

BVLGARI Business Structure and Marketing Stratiges

As a holding company of LVMH Group, BVLGARI performs coordination activities in the areas of product development, marketing, finance, information systems and management of human resources. It operates in the world with 41 companies in 24 countries with 3815 employees by year 2010. Due to its luxury brand nature, it has been mainly targeting worldwide top high income group people and celebrities. Since the year of 2000, the targeted market has widen to broader group including Millennial. Its Marketing channel has grown from brand boutiques only to multichannel worldwide, including but not limited to a qualified and international distribution network of 295 stores located in the most exclusive shopping areas of the world, luxury department stores and internet shopping.

For online jewelry shopping :

For shopping watches online:

BVLGARI Global Locations

As a world renown prestigious luxury brand, since 1884 - the first Bvlgari store opened in Rome Italy until today, Bvlgari has become a global and diversified luxury brand with product and services portfolios of jewels, watches, accessories, fragrances, hotels and resorts. It has more than 295 boutique stores including luxury hotels worldwide in most of major cities within all trading bloc.

BVLGARI Pricing Structure

As a world famous luxury brand name, the price structure of Bvlgari product has been mainly focused on image driven with passive pricing practices and at the same time paying close attention to economic conditions, its client's lifestyles and the competitor's price changes to keep up with the targeted client expectations and perceived values to succeed to maximize profit. For example, Bvlgari's jewelry price has been one of the highest among the leading designer jewelry, but the price of its accessories are just keeping with the same level of other luxury brand. It also started B-zero 1 collection in year 2000 as one of entry level jewelry line of the brand to train and attract broader market, such as millennial. Due to the nature of luxury brand, Bvlgari does not use regular retailer's promotional pricing strategies, such as sales or discounts. Although it does hold special events, gift to client, etc. to promote products and enhance the brand image.


BVlGARI IS ON SPOT LIGHT: Bvlgari Watches are Back

2014 is the year Bvlgari celebrating its 130th anniversary. Jean-Christophe Babin - 13 years of CEO for Tag Heuer - who has kept very quiet since being pointed by LVMH as CEO of BVLGARI in 2013 - now a fresh one year new CEO of Bvlgari has made a very strong appearance to the media to announce to the world: "BVLGARI Watches are Back!" With this extremely positive note, with the Brand achieving strong results almost double those of 2013, Bvlgari did indeed present an impressive set of new models that was more extensive than ever before. Will 2014 be the monumental year for BVLGARI, the world is waiting with high expectation...

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Bvlgari CEO: Jean-Christophe Babin

Bvlgari new watches at Baselworld 2014

Store Music: Chopin - Nocturne in e-flat major op. 9 no 2

This piece create an elegant, romantic ambiance for the store. It enhances the brand image and the brand inner spirit.

mohamed ibrahim :

Frederic chopin - nocturne in e-flat major, op.9 no.2 by mohamed ibrahim :


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BVLGARI Open Back Window

This window design used technique of partition. It cuts a large window into several small windows. It used very rich gold tone background and gemstone cut shape, or you can think it as Serpenti design shape to embed BVLGARI brand DNA. The design made the python skin hand bags very artfully standout. This window is eye catching and inform-able.
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The Shadowbox Window in Tokyo BVLGARI

This window theme is wedding. The white wedding dress like fabric and flower bouquet, the church and bride in the background give the whole window a soft and romantic feeling. The outside dark green marble window embedded BVLGARI DNA and make the window looks formal and elegant. All of these exceptionally showcased diamond wedding rings the window was presenting.
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Shadow Box Window in Paris Bvlgari

The use of ceramics is well-rooted in the company’s extensive creative tradition. A high quality material, known since antiquity as “white gold”, porcelain has a great affinity with the world of jewellery and in 1993 played a major role in Bulgari’s Chandra collection creations which were entirely made out of ceramics. Chandra, which in Sanskrit means “moon”, links the magical light of these jewels to the magnetic fascination of the Earth’s satellite.

Final Message:

I wish this company profile has given you a general positive picture of Bvlgari and hope it has achieved to created an ambiance that gave you a luxury experience of the brand through the flyer. I wish it had intrigued you to learn more about the heritage and craftsmanship of Bvlgari.

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