Functions Of Marketing

The Elements that make up the market world


This is were a company decides where the product will be sold. For example Nike will make a brand new shoes. After this they will choose what stores they want there product sold. Dicks, academy, ect. are great examples of the stores they would be sold at.

Marketing- Information Management

This is where a company like Nike would research and study what there customers like to meet there demands and keep them happy.


The process of establishing and communicating to customers the value of there product. For example Nike would drop there new 6.0 free runs if the demand is high the price would then go up, if it doesn't do so hot the price goes down.

Product/ Service Managment

This is were a company will design, develop, and improve there protect to keep the customers happy. For example Nike will release new designs with new colors every year to keep there customers satisfied.


This is where a Company like Nike will try to get there product noticed by promoting is with celebrities, bill boards, commercials, etc.


Direct communication to the customers. Planning for customer satisfaction and future needs.


This requires smart planing by a company to deiced what they can and cannot spend. This allows them to create a budge.