Self Harm



-Self harm is most common in teens. To self harm is not meant to be suicidal but to help him/her release stress or pain that they are going through

-Not trying but in many cases when a teen or a person that self harms cuts too deep it can lead to death when the blade or knife hits a main artery.

-Many use a sharp blade to cut, a razor, a knife, or any metal object. Most times these people always have a sharp object on them during any time of day. In school, at work, home, or even in public areas.

-Symptoms can be fresh cuts, scars, statements of worthlessness or feeling alone and not feeling like they are meant to be in this world, or bruises or other wounds. Also many times these people wear long sleeves and long jeans all year round even on hot days outside.

-Most areas of self harm comes from a persons wrist, thighs, arms, legs, and sides.

-Risk factors can range from the past experiences to today's life and what may be going on in a persons life that makes them feel the need to let go of pain and release it in a different way is to self harm. Most cases can be from being sexually, physically, or mentally abused by a person in their life now or from their past that they are still suffering from.

Tie In

-My character uses self harm to release stress and pain. Not too long ago she had been raped by a man in her life and now she feels as if he has come back to get her once again. Now when ever she is stressed or upset she uses self harm to help her It is the only way that she has ever known to let out the way that she feels. Everyday she carries around a blade with her in and out of school and when she feels the need to cut she does. No on knows about it but her. That's the way that she hopes to keep it