Miss Miedema's Monday Memo

Nov. 30

Important Dates

Nov. 20 - End of the food drive

Nov. 20 - Pajama Day $1

Nov. 20 - Book Orders Due

Nov. 25 - 27 - Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 26 - Happy Thanksgiving

Needed Classroom Supplies

Paper towel



Thank you for donating supplies over the last few months.

A look at our week


The students will learn different sounds that the letter y can make so many of their spelling words have the letter y in them.


The students are finishing up their persuasive letters. They will be writing their final drafts during the beginning of this week and typing them on a letter generator on Wednesday. Our next unit is expository, or how-to, writing.


Over the next two weeks, the students will work on multiplying two-digit by two-digit numbers and one-digit by four-digit numbers.


Social Studies

Homework Reminders

Book Reports

Please have you child continue to work on their book report.

This Week's Spelling List

Final Test on Nov. 20

  1. funny
  2. noisy
  3. safety
  4. try
  5. why
Bonus words

  1. avoided

Today I Learned

"I learned how to multiply a three digit number using a method."