The Dead Sea

By: Aislyn Kenealy


Here you will find the lowest place on earth. It is sunny and it is dry. The sun is powerful and the air is warm. Here people enjoy floating on top of the sea and sun bathing because of it's high salinity. Its has a striking beautiful environment here.
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The dead sea is located in the Judean Desert area, a part of the Syrian - East Africa Rift Valley, flanked by the Judean mountains to the west and the Moab mountains to the east. It is the lowest place on earth because it is at 400 meters (1,320 feet) below sea level.

Human Environment Interaction

The extremely high salinity in the dead sea and mud make it a place for humans to float on top of it without sinking. They use the natural minerals and muds to heal themselves. Humans have built many spa's around the dead sea for people to enjoy and strengthen the effects of the dead sea. People cover themselves in the mud because it is extremely enriching and can heal cuts, scratches, scars, and wounds.
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People from all over the world come year after year for a rewarding healing of their bodies inside and out. It is a strong experience and truly has rejuvenated many across the world. It is unique and people come from everywhere to see it. Also products are sold all across the world of the dead sea minerals. Products like facials, and exfoliation treatments, spreading the word of the dead sea and its natural beauty powers.
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This region is widely known because it is at the lowest point below sea level. There is history in this region, During the Egyptian conquest it is said that Queen Cleopatra obtained exclusive rights to build cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories in the area. Although it is away from the physical location of The Dead Sea, and now part of the library of congress in New York, the famous Dead Sea scrolls, believed to be dated from the third century B.C.E. are also a part of the history of the area. The area is ancient and there is ancient synagogues throughout the region.