By: Daniel Somart And Sean Eden


Myanmar get's a little rainfall every year. Thats why many people live close to the Delta. Myanmar's monsoon season has thunderstorms almost everyday!


70% of Myanmar's people work with crops and agriculture for a living. The population of Myanmar is 48,336,763 (2011)

Capital City

The capital city of Myanmar is called Yangoon (Rangoon.) It was found in 1755. Yangoon is a quite city and there is not a lot of traffic because there are not many cars and they are very old cars.

System of Government

Myanmar's old name was Burma. 3 of the first governments are Aung San, U Nu and Aung San Suu Kyi who is still prime minister.

Land Forms

Myanmar is surrounded by mountains and areas cover 261,228 square miles. Myanmar's longest river, Thanlwin empties into the Gulf of Moltama . Myanmar is not landlocked and is surrounded by India, China, Laos, Thailand and Bangladesh.

Crops And Agriculture

Common crops include beans, sugar canes, corn, rice, sesame seeds, fruits and vegetables. Lotus plants grow all over wet areas in Myanmar.

Natural Resources

Main resources in Myanmar are petroleum, timber, tin, copper, coal, led and limestone.