Tyler Payne


Describe something you did yesterday.

I worked on my dirtbike to sell for the past week or two. I built the bike from boxes of pieces. Haven't spared much time in the past few weeks constantly doing something.

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Something you do well.

I do well at fishing at the surf of beaches. Anything that has a engine and tires. Compete all over east coast with martial arts.

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Something about your childhood.

Something about my childhood Didn't go to a real school for 3 years. Always liked working on engines. Been riding dirt bikes since I was 3-4.
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Something about you LEARNED last week.

I learned nothing last week other than exams suck. Math is by far my worse subject. English right behind it.
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Something you can't live without.

I can't live without my money or my phone. Motocross and fishing is the main things I do can't live without either. I don't won't to live without hunting.

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Something you love to watch/listen to.

I like to watch AMA and whatever other races are on except nascar. BMX and mountain bikes sometimes. Anything motor sports
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