News from Room 17

We have had a busy FALL!

Halloween and Pumpkin Math

What a week of fun! Special thanks to the room moms and parent volunteers who made it all happen! I posted my photos on the shutterfly class site. Check them out!

Cranberry Math

Cranberry math was a feast for the senses as we tasted, counted, patterned, and built prisms with this tart fruit! Super thanks to our volunteers!

Acts of Kindness

As part of our focus as a school, as well as targeted guidance lessons, we have been focusing on kindness. To develop this concept , we talked as a class about what kindness looks like, feels like, and sounds like. We talked about ways to identify how people in our lives might be feeling, made lists of things we can do or say to family, friends, and classmates to show kindness.

Here is a video from guidance that the kiddos asked me to post here for you to see!

You may have heard your child talk about their ' secret buddy'! I have assigned each student a different secret buddy for the month! They have notes they can leave their buddy, and lists of ideas ( like letting them cut in line!) they can do for their buddies. If they think their buddies are figuring out that they are their secret friend, the kiddos have been instructed to "trick" their buddy into thinking it might be someone else by letting someone else cut them in line, or sitting near someone else at lunch, etc etc!!! It has been so fun and uplifting to see them secretly plotting doing and writing nice, kind things for one another! During these last 2 weeks, I'll be encouraging them to do something daily, and I will be adding in some treats secretly to keep them all guessing! Heehee! SHHH when they say they got a candy cane from their secret buddy, it might be me!

Wack - A- Wall Science!

Our class recently completed a science unit where they were tasked with designing and building a model wall made of bricks and mortar that would pass a demolition test! After testing different materials used to make the mortar, students built and tested their creations. This unit was done with Miss Vananzo's class and held in the maker lab! In the photos below, students are classifying materials by their attributes to develop their vocabulary for the unit.

3rd graders MUSTACHE us a question!!

We were visited by Miss Harlee's third graders who were collecting data for their math lesson! Super fun way to get excited about graphing!


We completed a reading unit on reading informational text. We learned how to identify text features that help us understand text better, and worked on adding text features to our own writing in power points and wixie presentations we created last month. To wrap up the unit , we had a culminating unit activity where we turned our classroom into a zoo! As zoo keepers, we researched a specific animal and created a zoo display including main details about our animal, life cycles, and interesting facts. These zoo keepers knew their stuff!


In math, we completed a unit on geometry! Lots of hands-on opportunities to build and recreate 3-d figures to understand the attributes of shapes!
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More to come in 2018!!

I look forward to the second half of the year with these inquisitive, delightful children! I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and new year filled with good health, joy, and some magical moments you will treasure forever! Thanks for trusting me with your children everyday, it is one of my life's joys! Happy 2018!